AEK – Olympiakos Next Wednesday

For those of you haven’t seen the comments from my last post, the second leg of the cup game against Olympiakos will be next Wednesday, March 11th (7 PM Greek time). After 24 hours, the entire first level of OAKA has entirely sold out (that puts us at least 30,000-35,000 so far). The second level has now opened up, and if things keep up, all of OAKA will be sold out for the match. Considering we’re still a little less than a week away until the match, I’d say theres a very good chance we can get our first sold out game for years, and its certainly something I’m looking forward to.

If any readers here will be lucky enough to watch the match live, enjoy! I would give anything to be able to see this in person.


3 Responses to “AEK – Olympiakos Next Wednesday”

  1. Chris Zap Says:

    Apparently they (Olympiakos) asked the government to have our game played with out fans since the Super League games will be held behind closed doors this weekend. But the govt replied that this is not a super league game, this is a cup game. They have a nerve!!
    Oh, they (Olympiakos and Super League) couldnt change the date with their game against Tripoli to accommodate us for March 4 but they had no issues changing their game against Panthrakikos so they can have an extra day to relax. They better enjoy the control they have while it lasts cause next year things will be different!!

  2. Tobias Rieper Says:

    I hope we can pull through and beat Olympiacos

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