Kerkyra-AEK Streams

For once in as long as I can remember, an AEK match has actually lined up with my free time, meaning that I can actually watch a game from start to finish (assuming, that is, that the streams are working).

For anyone else who wishes to watch the game, this link here has some links:

Should be a good game! I’d say that this is probably our most important game of the season so far.


10 Responses to “Kerkyra-AEK Streams”

  1. It seems that none of the links in the page I posted are working at the moment, not sure if they’ll be up by some chance for the second half. I’m listening to the match on the radio at the moment, no clear chances yet from what I’ve heard, and it seems like both teams have been pressuring so far.

  2. Half time, 0-0. Kerkyra and AEK have each had at least one good chance. AEK scored a goal which was ruled offside, though from what I’ve read the goal should have stood.

  3. Link is working fine for me, i missed the first half but i am on there now. We went there with a lot of injuries, last game was very dirty on that crappy field and our guys payed the price.

  4. 1-1, goal for AEK by Johansson

  5. GOOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLLL Johansen just came in and tied the game for us 🙂

  6. These Kerkyra players need to stop lying on the ground every five minutes.

  7. Gotta say, I like the pressure we’ve been putting on Kerkyra since we went down 1-0.

  8. Great chance for Brecevic.

  9. We will finish them off at OAKA

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