Kerkyra 1-1 AEK

Despite having trouble finding a link that worked for the first time, I managed to find a working one in time for the second half. A few overall impressions/observations from the game:

-Can’t hell but smile when AEK is playing an away game yet all you hear are AEK chants. Our supporters were pretty awesome today and a fair amount of the chanting was in favour of our stadium in Nea Filadelfia

-Generally the game was rather sloppy from both teams, though I know it had rained before the match and it seemed like the pitch wasn’t in perfect shape as I saw players slipping on couple occasions

-Without a doubt we can do enough to make it to the next round when we next face Kerkyra for the second leg at home

-I was pleased to see AEK pressure Kerkyra even more after we went down 1-0. Of course its never ideal to be losing in a game, but its nice to know that we won’t back down or buckle under the pressure

Overall I wouldn’t say this was one of our better games, but all things considered I think its acceptable. Considering we now have the away goal advantage going into the second leg, I’m not at all worried about our chances of going through. I’m not in any way saying progression is guaranteed, but if the pitch in oaka is in good shape and we play the good football I know we’re capable of, then we shouldn’t have too hard a time. Kerkyra did have a few chances of their own but honestly I think we made them look better than they are as a result of our sloppiness.

Our goal was scored by Johansson who had only just came onto the pitch as a substitute. I hadn’t seen too much of him before this game but I was pleased with what I saw. He seemed eager for goals but also seemed to fit well within the team. I feel that with time, he could become a key part of our squad.


3 Responses to “Kerkyra 1-1 AEK”

  1. Chris Zap Says:

    Kerkyra took advantage of our fans, they charged 20 euros plus per ticket. AEK will be charging 5 euros at OAKA. I wish i could go 😦

  2. Chris Zap Says:

    i forgot to add, that this was the first goal they scored against us during cup game. And we have yet to lose to a Super League team.

  3. For those that havent heard, there is this fellow by the name of Vakis who is on the 7th day of a hunger strike. He is fighting to have the mayor stop the blockage of the stadium from getting built. He deeply believes in this, he does have a family with two children.

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