Alimos 0-1 AEK

Not the greatest scoreline we’ve won by this season, and certainly not one of our best performances according to what I’ve read. Our only goal (scored off a penalty in the 90th minute) was scored by Aravidis who, along with keeper Giannis Anestis and Tzanetopoulos, received the highest ratings from AEK365. On the other end of the spectrum, Lambropoulos and Zoric were considered our worst players of the evening while the rest of the team was considered only slightly better.

The win puts us more comfortably in first with 34 points, while 2nd placed Panachaiki sit at 28 points. From what I saw of the highlights, the field was in anything but ideal shape though we really should be comfortably beating teams like Alimos (who are currently in 10th) regardless of the condition of the pitch. As the highlights show, we missed an earlier penalty in the game, a penalty for which I cant seem to quite clearly see what the justification was. Replays of the play seem to show obstruction in the box from an Alimos player. Our second penalty, however, seems to quite clearly be for a handball from an Alimos defender in their box.

The highlights also show we had a number of chances to score earlier in the game, which leaves me wondering why we seem to have no problem scoring five or more goals some games while against weaker opposition we need a penalty to score our only goal.


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