AEK 5-1 Kalithea

AEK kept the momentum gained from the 3-0 win over Atromitos and managed yet another impressive victory. Sounds like a solid display from the team overall, and the impression I get from watching the highlights suggests the same, though without a doubt the key player of this match was Ivan Brecevic. Aside from scoring a hat trick, he played roles in each of our other two goals, and came close to scoring at least one other goal for himself.

In addition to the five goals we managed to score, we missed a handful of other great scoring opportunities, including a missed chance by Mantalos. From what Ive seen, it seems Mantalos had an uncharacteristically quiet match compared to his recent performances, though I dont see any reason to worry yet. He’s been fantastic up until now and I’m sure he’ll be back at it when we play Alimos next Sunday.

Our position at the top of the table is looking a little more comfortable as we now sit 6 points above Panachaiki, though we do have an extra game in hand and so a Panachaiki win in their next game would bring them to within 3 points of us again. Perhaps the pressure might actually be good for the players since the last thing we’d want is to lose points in games we really should win after getting too comfortable.

Highlights of the goals and chances from the match can be watched below. Brecevic’s second goal is well worth the watch, fantastic shot (the other two goals for AEK were scored by Aravidis and Dounis).


3 Responses to “AEK 5-1 Kalithea”

  1. Chris Zap Says:

    In case you are not aware, is now available in English
    Not sure if Sunday’s game is at OAKA, if it is, it shoud be streamable from this site, last week they had two stream, one in Greek, one in English.

  2. Chris Zap Says:

    Major News:
    The three presidents, Melisanidis (AEK), Alafouzos (PAO) and Savidis (PAOK) have met and agreed that unless there are major changes in the Greek football league, they will not be participating in the league next year. Tomorrow they will put out an official announcement.

  3. Wow, both good updates. Thanks, Chris!

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