AEK to face Kerkyra for Greek Cup Round of 16

The draw for the next round of the Greek Cup took place today and while there were a number of Second Division sides we could have faced, we were drawn with Superleague club Kerkyra. Am I worried though? After yesterday’s match, not at all. I haven’t seen Kerkyra play this season, though they currently sit lower in the standings than Atromitos, so I’ll take that as a positive.

Heres a video from the last time we played Kerkyra in the Cup, a game which also took place in the round of 16:


3 Responses to “AEK to face Kerkyra for Greek Cup Round of 16”

  1. Would be incredible to win the cup from the second division.

  2. The team is playing extremely well, they are very calm, good atmosphere, good attitude, the coach is very confident. You can tell with the Atromitos game, he didnt throw in the game the new guy (Johanson, dont have the exact spelling), or Barbosa who just came out of injury. He used the guys he had accordingly and it paid off.

    Nice to see peace and calm with the team, unlike the turmoil it went through when we were living there. Too bad we dont have the same with the stadium, its a shame how a loser is trying to stop our plans. A lot of good articles have been written about him recently in some of the greek sporting websites that i read. He obviously has his own agenda, i just wish i knew who was backing him up!! It’s a shame that there is always someone trying to sabotage us.

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