Panahaiki 1-3 AEK

Fifth win out of five games so far for AEK, with today’s win coming thanks to goals from D’Acol, Platellas, and Barbosa (I believe today’s goals from Platellas and Barbosa were their first league goals of the season). Decent performance from most players from what I read, with AEK365 giving particularly to Petravrakis, Cordero, Platellas, Barbosa, D’Acol, and Zoric.

Its a comfortable win, and five wins out of the first five games is always a good thing, though I was surprised when I realized how close the standings still are. Despite getting a perfect record so far, we’re only two points ahead of second place Hania, with 15 points, and that isn’t too comfortable. Its still early in the season however, and I have no reason to doubt the team.

I haven’t yet been able to find highlights of today’s goals yet, but I’ll have them posted as soon as I do.

Its worth pointing out that our basketball team’s winning streak with our new manager has continued to 3 out of 3 after today’s 96-73 win against Kollosos. I know its gonna be a while until our basketball team sees the kind of success it saw years ago, but staying competitive is a huge priority for us, and it looks like that’s what were starting to do again. All I want to see now is a win in a derby.


2 Responses to “Panahaiki 1-3 AEK”

  1. Chris Zap Says:

    So, all that excitement their owner caused was for nothing. Mandalos didnt even play and we beat them 3-1!!

    March 6th i believe is the date that has been set for the 17 citizens that filed a complaint against the stadium to be heard. Soon we will know who the 17 are and from which parts of Athens they are from.

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