AEK 3-2 Panathinaikos … (It was only a friendly, but I’ll take it)

Due to all football games in all divisions being cancelled due to the events of the past two weeks, we had no official match to play last weekend. AEK took the advantage to play a friendly, and against Panthinaikos of all teams.

Unfortunately, the game wasn’t open to fans, but it was an impressive display from what I read. And really, friendly or not, a win against a first division club can surely only be good news. At one point we had a 2-0 lead, and while its unfortunate that we let Panathinakos draw level at 2-2, I’m happy that the team managed to hold on and score the winning goal.

To see amateur footage of the goals and some chances, see the videos at the bottom of this link.

Some more good news, this time from our Basketball club. We recently fired the coach we had previously due to a string of poor results, including a rather heavy defeat to Olympiakos. Our replacement, former AEK coach Dragan Sakota, has so far seemingly turned things around, landing two reassuring victories against Kifissia and Appollon Patras. Not the most impressive teams to win against by any means, but we’ve clearly taken steps in the right direction.


One Response to “AEK 3-2 Panathinaikos … (It was only a friendly, but I’ll take it)”

  1. we havent had a friendly against each other in ages. Its a very symbolic gesture!!

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