Another Scandal… What a Surprise

I say it all the time, but it really is a shame a country as beautiful as Greece is in the hands of such incompetent, corrupt, and embarrassing people.

I often find myself looking to the east and west of Greece, countries such as Turkey, Italy, France, Spain, and wish we didn’t have the people we did stopping us from competing with such nations. Don’t get me wrong, of course Italy, Turkey, and pretty much every other professional league is affected by the usual corrupt, self serving people, but I get the feeling things in Greece might be even more pathetic. The recent events, as reported by eKathimerini, are just another example of how far beyond saving the state of soccer in Greece is.

The events mentioned in the article occurred last week, when a refereeing official was attacked by some thugs, the usual people you see in Greece, roughing up anyone they feel like. A point that I couldn’t help but agree with from the article was the useless response from EPO. Scandal after scandal, attack after attack, accusation after accusation, and what does EPO do? Absolutely nothing, as usual, except suspend matches in all leagues. For years the same as been going on… accusations from a few certain individuals, violence in every level of Greek soccer, and yet never are the problems solved. Never does EPO actually take any decisive action to stop what is preventing soccer in the country from growing into something beautiful.

I can’t answer for certainty whether its just incompetence, or whether certain people prefer things the way they are (my money would be on both being key factors), but obviously with the people currently running things, nothing will ever change, but rather only get worse.

Just last week, we had Marinakis making completely non-based claims against Mellisanidis and other individuals and I couldn’t help wonder how someone like Marinakis could have the nerve to come out and make claims like that. But really, is it anything new? Unfortunately not, yet someone like that is still able to run what is supposed to be the biggest and most successful team in the country? Can anyone really blame me for not having any faith in the current system when the country’s biggest team is run by such a person?

Its depressing really. After 2004, the country had the chance to finally take some positive steps forward. We proved Greece is a nation which is capable of competing on any level, our youth teams consistently performed well on the European stage, yet what have we done since then?

What is most depressing though is, after a few weeks, this whole scandal will be tucked away until the next one (which will more than likely once again involve Marinakis in one way or another), and EPO will continue with its useless actions. Though its okay if the country continues to suffer, as long as one certain team continues to prosper I suppose? In Greece at least it is…


4 Responses to “Another Scandal… What a Surprise”


    “Just like Silvio Berlusconi, Evangelos Marinakis, Olympiakos FC’s president and Greek shipping magnate, was the protagonist of one of Europe’s biggest soccer scandals. In 2011, a series of leaked telephone conversations exposed how Greece’s endemic corruption had reached soccer. Known as Koriopolis, the scandal involved over 80 individuals, including Marinakis, engaged in match fixing, extortion, intimidation and bribery. Despite the scandal, he was recently elected as councilman for the city of Piraeus, running on the same ticket as his club’s former spokesman, who was elected as mayor. In the same way that “Soccer for all” obscured Argentina’s increasing inflation, Olympiakos’ consecutive championships and Champions League successes weighed more than Koriopolis in the eyes of the public.”

  2. Chris Zap Says:

    16 people will be charged soon, 2 of them are team owners. A lot of rumours flying around as who they may be, rumour has it that one is Marinakis and the other one is Kobotis. One for game fixing and one for money laundering if i understood correctly, my greek is not oerfect. Kathimerini does not say match compared to other sport web sites,

  3. Chris Zap Says:

    From the Guardian, Sixteen reportedly charged in Greek football match-fixing investigation

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