Some catching up…

I have some catching up to do since my last post, so I’ll start with our most recent match.

Over the weekend we played Acharnaikos, our fourth game of the championship so far. From the sounds of things there was some fan trouble (not quite sure if it was before the match, during it, or both) which resulted in some delays, though the match was eventually completed. We didn’t make it easy for ourselves, and it was an uncomfortably close result for us, but we ended up winning 2-1 thanks to two goals scored in extra time. Our two goals were scored were scored by D’Acol and Brecevic, both substitutions by Dellas late in the game. I’m not sure if Dellas was intentionally leaving two of our more effective offensive players until later in the game, but they were clearly two great choices by him.

Our effectiveness on headers this match was clearly pretty impressive and I must say I’m pretty happy with that. In fact, it seems like we’re quite solid with set plays generally this season, which is always a good thing. Considering we will certainly be one of the favorites and more feared teams in the league, I see us getting a number of fouls and free kicks near opposition goals, so it would only make sense to take advantage of that.

I really do envy those who were in the stands for the game. It would’ve been quite the moment when we scored not only the tying goal, but also the winning goal in extra time.

The next game to mention would be our second cup game of the season, this time a win against Iraklis Psachnon. With a scoreline of 3-0, its safe to say this was a far more comfortable win than our win against Acharnaikos over the weekend. The 3 points from the cup game just barely puts us first in our group, as we’re tied with Atromitos on pooints but ahead due to a better goal difference. What this means is that our progression to the next round pretty much comes down to our game with Atromitos. Depending on the situation with the other game, if Panthrakikos lose or draw against Iraklis Paschnon, all we will need against Atromitos would be a draw in order to advance. It won’t be easy, but I do actually believe we can get either a draw or a win against Atromitos. I’m looking forward to the match, not only because beating Atromitos would be pretty great, but because this will be a perfect match for us to see where we are as a team and where we need to improve.


8 Responses to “Some catching up…”

  1. Our next game this Sunday could be a tough one against Panahaiki. The team’ss owner has been putting out some strange vibes this year. For years on end he has been protesting against Olympiakos but this year his tune has changed. Maybe he figured they finally made to the Football League, they are only one step away from the Super League, he better behave and cooperate with Olympiakos? During their cup game that they conveniently lost by a questionable own goal late at the game seemed kind of subious. Last weeks game there were some odd calls by the ref in their favour!!
    Anyway, i will give them the benefit of the doubt for now that they have a good team. We will be missing two of our top players, Mandalos and Babakis (I think thats his name). They have been called up to play with the Greek National team for Euro qualifying.
    The game should be on this Sunday at 6PM greek time. 10,000 tickets have been put aside for our fans in Patra. Unfortunately, i will not be one of them 😦

  2. As always, thanks for keeping us updated Alex

  3. Our game this Sunday has been postponed, it will be held on Nov 23rd. Sunday is the eve of the Polytechnic uprising, the annual throw stones at the American embassy day. The authorities were uncomfortable with our fans travelling to Patra, as if our fans cause any trouble!! The team has been hit with a 19K euro fine due to our fans behaviour before the Rizoupoli game.
    Oh well, at least we will have our top players in the line up and like Panahaikis owner said, “AEK will not have any excuses”.

  4. Latest news: the newly elected commie mayor of Nea Philadelphia announced that he will start the proceedings to appeal the state’s decision of allowing AEK to build its stadium on “forest land”, and the 20 mil that the state is awarding to AEK to build its stadium. Funny he didnt mention how Olympiakos is playing for free on the state owned stadium!

  5. More news: all the games in all the leagues have been cancelled for this week due to the comments made by Marinakis. He is accusing Melisanidis of all sorts of things, They do say the best defense is a good offense, guess thats what he is doing to take the eyes of the press off him. They sure are terrified of Melisanidis. It was ok for them all these years to control Greek football and destroy it.

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