Hania 0-2 AEK

Not the best performance from what I’ve heard, but nine points from our first three games of the season is definitely nothing to be complaining about.

One thing that is quite clear after reading the player critiques is that our attacking half of the team did not have quite the performance they had last game (considering its still quite early in the season, I’m not gonna start panicking quite yet). At this point, every three points we can get will be extremely valuable later in the season. I’m sure that as long as we keep winning and keeping our spirits up, the team will start to settle into its groove and play more consistently.

Before I go on, the highlights of the goals are well worth taking a look at:

I can’t help but reminded a bit of Rivaldo and Scocco when I watch that first goal. Earlier this week, I read a former player of ours (I can’t remember for sure, but I believe it was Tsiartas) saying that Mantalos will be someone to keep an eye on, and I certainly don’t doubt him. Not only did he first score that first beauty of a goal for us, he also took the foul which perfectly set up Kolovetsios for our second goal. Mantalos is definitely proving he deserves a spot on the starting XI.


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