One of those Sundays…

I’ll never forget Sundays like the one that just passed when I lived in Athens. Don’t get me wrong, win or lose there was never any place I’d rather be than watching AEK at OAKA, but when things went as well as they did yesterday, I knew it was gonna be a good week.

Before our game against Apollon Smyrnis even began, the day got off to a great start. Hours before the Apollon game, our basketball team got another good victory, this time against Panionios (while Panionios might not be the greatest team in the league, they are certainly no push overs either). It was nice to get our first win of the season in front of a solid crowd of about 6,000 at the OAKA basketball arena.

Not long after the basketball game was our game against Apollon Smyrnis, also at OAKA. From what I’ve heard and read, our first half performance left much to be desired, resulting in the first half coming to a close with a 1-0 lead for Apollon after a 45th minute penalty.

Thankfully, we turned things around in the second half and came out much stronger, creating a number of good chances, and doing enough to score the two goals needed to grab a victory (the first scored off a nice header by D’Acol, the second a penalty scored by Mantalos).

The critique of the players from AEK365 was generally positive, with Mantalos getting the most praise (he was awarded MVP for the match), specifically for his solid performance and the effort he gave. The only two players who were considered to have given particularly poor performances were Platellas and Dounis.

The crowd for the game against Apollon was said to be over 20,000 (from the videos it certainly looked like there could have been well over 20,000 in Attendance), an impressive number for sure and especially considering the total attendance for all Superleague matches a few weeks ago was under 20,000. The atmosphere at both the basketball game as well as the football game were said to be excellent, and as Barbosa said, “Its great to play for this crowd”. Thats the thing with AEK supporters really… 1st, 2nd, or 3rd division, it doesn’t matter. If the players are gonna give their all for the team, the supporters will be there too.

For highlights, check out the video below:

What I would give to have been in Athens for a day like yesterday…


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