Finally Promoted

We have finally mathematically clinched our promotion to the second division.

I never had much of a doubt that this would happen, though I gotta say, there were some times during the season where I was a bit worried. The move up was finalized after our 0-2 win against Kifissia over the weekend. The match was held in Rizoupoli, and though I haven’t seen an AEK match there myself, every video Ive seen of the supporters has been pretty great, including our match over the weekend. I really don’t think playing our next season in Rizoupoli instead of OAKA would be idea, if its only for one season. I can’t help but feel that 15,000 fans in Rizoupoli would be so much better than 15,000 in OAKA.

Also, worth noting that we missed another penalty at the match against Kifissia. Pretty ridiculous that we’ve had scored less than half of our penalties so far… Considering we’ll be playing much tougher teams next season, we really have to be taking advantage of these chances when we get them…


2 Responses to “Finally Promoted”

  1. Chris Zap Says:

    AEK now has an official app for those that use apple products, sorry, no android yet. You can get it here, its in Greek btw.

  2. Chris Zap Says:

    The official 90 year history of AEK is now available in a book format, 55 euros for the book if you happen to be in Athens. Hopefully it will make it to a Greek town near us.

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