AEK 2-1 Irodotos

Not one of our better games this season by the sounds of things. Judging from what I’ve read and heard, it seems as though our defense was particularly tragic (a terrible mistake from Vasillis Rovas practically handed Irodotos their goal), though our offense was not too much better. Believe it or not, we missed not one, but two penalties… I’m starting to find this very concerning. Surely we should expect better from our penalties? At this point, we’ve scored less than half of the penalties we’ve had all season. 


Highlight of the game is without a doubt Platellas’ game winning goal late in the match. I could not help but be reminded of some of Scocco’s goal when I saw the goal afterwards. Of all the younger Greek players currently playing for us, Platellas really does seem to be the most consistent so far.

After 19 games so far this season, we are ahead in first place by 13 points. We currently have 47 points while second place Kifissia has 34 points. Definitely a safe place to be for now, though things are far from decided.





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