Agios Nikolaos 1-6 AEK

As was mentioned in the comments section of my last post, I didn’t post anything about our last game. A rather disappointing result to say the least (a 1-0 loss to Thiella Rafinas), especially considering how well we had done the few games leading up to the loss.

It seemed like we were again heading for another disappointing result today for much of the game. We missed a penalty early on (so far this season, we have only scored five of our ten penalties), but managed to go up 1-0 through an Anakoglou goal in the 18th minute.

People started to worry a bit after Agios Nikolaos tied things up in the 32nd minute. They managed to keep things even at 1-1 until the 67th minute mark, when D’Acol scored, making it 2-1. Almost immediately after, we scored another three goals (in the 68th, 70th, and 73rd minute, another goal from Anakoglou and another two from D’Acol).D’Acol, after having already scored a hat-trick, finished things up in the 88th minute, making it an ultimately comfortable score of 6-1 for AEK.

The critique of the players, despite the high score, was not as positive as I would have liked to have seen. D’Acol and Anakoglou both were praised for their performances, though it seems like the rest of the team played a rather mediocre game. Our lack of consistency seems to really be affecting us this season, and I can only hope we improve on that next season. Second division teams will be a lot more likely to punish and take advantage when we don’t play as well as we should or could.


One Response to “Agios Nikolaos 1-6 AEK”

  1. Chris Zap Says:

    Problem with the players is that they know quite a few of them will not be there next season. When the team has already signed 8 players with another possible 5 more signings, well, if you are a player, what are your chances of being around next season?

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