AEK 8-1 AO Peristeriou

Not much to say here, yet another impressive match from our offense. Brecevic, D’Acol, and Cordero all got great ratings from AEK365 but it seems the main guy from the match was Platellas (who overwhelmingly won the mvp vote on AEK365 and scored a hatrick).

Certainly nice to see us playing well offensively, though our defense consistently seems to be mediocre and “good enough”, though rarely anything special (according to the reviews Ive been getting from AEK365)… Now that I think about it, its a little surprising things are the way they are considering our coach is one of the best Greek defenders of the past twenty years.


2 Responses to “AEK 8-1 AO Peristeriou”

  1. Thanks for the updates, as always!

  2. Funny how there are no updates for our last game 😉

    Our next game, tomorrow, will be broadcast live via video streaming,
    Game time tomorrow 1:00 PM Crete time, i think 6AM EST for us.

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