AEK 8-0 Mandraikos

They keep coming! Another solid win, our biggest yet of the season. In the past four games, we’ve scored 19 goals and conceded 0. Not a bad record at all.

Second hatrick in a row for Brecevic (third so far this season), seems like the guy really loves scoring. Our other scorers were Anakoglou (2 goals), Platellas, Petavrakis, and an own goal by Mandraikos.

AEK365’s critique of the players was not quite as positive overall as I was expecting with the scoreline. Some players got great reviews, while others apparently contributed very little to the match. Brecevic and Cordero both got great reviews (two players who have been among our most consistent this season), as did Anakoglou and Petavrakis. I can really see all four players playing an important role in the team next season.


2 Responses to “AEK 8-0 Mandraikos”

  1. Cannot complain too much about winning 8-0. At least things are on their way to taking the next step back to the Super League.

  2. Too bad it was done in an empty stadium 😦

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