Pannaxiakos 0-5 AEK

The momentum continues to build for AEK after another solid victory. Three goals Brecevic (I’m really looking forward to see how this guy develops, seems like he loves scoring) and two from Platellas (another promising player) sealed the deal rather comfortably for us in what was a rainy match on the island of Naxos.

AEK365’s critique of the players was fairly positive for the second week in a row, with the two scorers getting particularly good reviews. Aside from scoring a hatrick, Brecevic was also apparently quite active on the ball, providing a lot of energy to our play going forward. The same was said for Cordero, who also received a positive review from AEK365. Cirillo’s performance, meanwhile, was seen as the strongest of our defenders.

There was no broadcast of the match unfortunately, so the only video available of the goals is not of great quality, but here it is nonetheless:

Worth noting that Pavlis was in the stands with the Originals, singing in the rain throughout the match. Gotta love his passion for the club.



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