AEK 3-0 Ermis Zonianon

Another three goal win, which keeps us ten points ahead for another week. Judging from the highlights, we played pretty well, especially up front. I’m really quite impressed with what I’ve been seeing from some of these players. Lots of energy, skill, intelligent playing, great off the ball movement, lots of chances being created. My opinion is only based on highlights I’ve seen, but I really like what I’m seeing so far.

The scorers were Popovic, Anakoglou, and Tsevas. AEK365 gave pretty good reviews from almost all our players aside Grontis. From what I heard, it was a pretty straight ahead match for us, which is what I like to hear. We now have 35 points, followed by Irodotos (25 points) and Kifissia (23 points)

The good news doesn’t end there.We have made a few more singings for next season, mostly first division players (including a couple from Panionios). I’ve been hearing nothing but good things about these guys, and its certainly great to see that we’re already starting to build a competitive roster for next season. I’m curious to see how many of our current players are going to step up their game even further considering quite a few of them will have more experienced players competing for their spot in the roster.

Even more good news now! Something happened today in Nea Filadelfia, something which I was never sure I’d actually get the chance to see happen. The first bulldozer made its way onto the land where our stadium once stood, and more are apparently coming tomorrow. I’m not certain what the schedule for construction is, or if any actual construction will start sometime soon, but this is certainly good news either way. I will be sure to post more updates as they come.



One Response to “AEK 3-0 Ermis Zonianon”

  1. I haven’t been commenting much these days despite all the good positive things that have been happening with the team during the last few weeks. But that doesnt mean I havent been following the team. Its too bad about our loss for the cup but who really cares. Lets focus on the division and get it over with as soon as possible. Next year is going to be a totally different ball game and its good to see that we are building for it. Its a division where a lot of things happen off the field so we will have to be ready both on and off field. I believe we will have the players that need to take care of business on the field and the management that needs to take of the off-field business.

    Yesterday was a historic day for us and it will go down in history as a new beginning, a new start and we all feel its going to be a good period for AEK the upcoming years. Our opposition is already feeling that, you can tell from what they write about us on their team papers. Its the first time the opposition has bothered worrying about a third division team. But, as we all know, this is not your average 3rd division team. As it says on our team bus, “erhomaste”.

    On a sad note, the Greek state once again showed its stupidity, its ignorance, its incompetence. The people that lead the country, that ruined the lives of 10 million people, today in its wisdom decided to arrest “theo” (god) Thomas Mavros. The man that bought so much joy to thousands of AEK fans, the man that contributed to the history of AEK, will be spending the night in jail. They are accusing him of not paying the teams taxes during the two months that he was president, while those that bought the team to that position are out and free. What really pisses me off is that the man who stole millions from AEK, Psomiadis, for years and years was free to do as he pleased and they still havent been able to find him guilty. And they had the nerve to throw Mavro in prison. Then again, did they do worse to Kolokotroni who did so much for the country back then?

    Anyway, my two cents worth!

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