Aigaleo 1-2 AEK

Nice to see another three points come our way, quite nicely securing our place at the top of the table. Sounds like it was a pretty eventful match, with lots going on in the stands and on the pitch. Ive been hearing lots of reports involving clashes between AEK and Aigaleo supporters, as well clashes between the players (some of which can be seen in the video below). Also heard some reports about some violent behavior from the “security” staff at the stadium.

A lot of the blame is being put on the Aigaleo supporters, though without being there myself, its hard to really know for sure who is to blame for what. Until now, however, there have been relatively few incidents involving our supporters at games this season, so I do wonder why this game was different. There is also talk of Olympiakos fans being in the stands, and on one hand, this is Greece, and rumors like this spread quickly. On the other hand, again, this is Greece… and it wouldn’t be the first time something like that happened.

Now for some talk about the game itself. We were the first to concede a goal, though we thankfully managed to turn things around, thanks to goals from Platellas and Bresevic. Individual player critiques from AEK365 were generally pretty positive. Bresevic  played a great game and was involved with a number of good scoring opportunities. The AEK365 report also spoke highly of Cordero and the energy he brought to the match, along with some of our younger Greek players, particularly in the second half. The review for our defense was, yet again, quite poor overall (starting to seem like improving our defense for next season will have to be the main priority for the upcoming summer).


Some surprising news came in earlier this week with the announcement of Michalis Pavlis’ retirement from football. The retirement was due to health related reasons, and it came far too soon for a player who always showed so much promise. Of all the players that Ive watched play for AEK over the years, Pavlis was always one of those who have everything for the team. It was no secret that he was a huge AEK supporter (he lived in Nea Filadelfia and would sometimes watch matches with the Originals), something that you need in a player, especially when the team is going through hard times. Its unfortunate that he had to retire at such a young age, though Im sure he’ll continue to be involved with the team, either in an official role, or as a supporter.


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