AEK 7-1 PAO Kroussona

Lovely score line, and some very nice goals scored. The goal by Platellas to make it 6-0 in particular stood out for me.

Our seventh goal was from a penalty after a very questionable call. It very much seems like Platellas did a rather obvious and unnecessary dive to get the call, and I can’t understand why someone would feel the need to dive like that when your team is up 6-0. He insists it wasn’t a dive, but from the angles I’ve seen, it doesn’t look like there was much contact which would’ve led him to fall like that.

Either way though, nice scoreline, and it seems like this team really knows what they’re doing, even if we’re only playing in the third division.

Highlights of the goals can be seen here. 

Worth noting that Bresevic scored a hatrick, and Dacol, who is looking very promising, also scored.


One Response to “AEK 7-1 PAO Kroussona”

  1. Can’t really complain about a 6 goal win. They are doing what they need to this year.

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