AO Peristeriou 0-0 AEK

Unfortunate we couldn’t get all three points here, especially considering the amount of chances we had (again!).

There was much complaining about the officiating throughout the match, and the game had to be delayed at least once as a result of the assistant referee not feeling safe (apparently there were no police present for quite a while and there were fears that AEK supporters would storm the pitch). I haven’t been able to see every call but apparently a number of the calls being made were very questionable. Two goals were called off for offside (apparently the second one was a good call) and a number of poor offside calls were made throughout the match.

The ratings of our players from what Ive seen were not the best, though Georgeas, for the second week in a row, apparently played a fairly solid match (according to the AEK365 ratings at least). Argiriou also apparently played a good game, which is good news considering in the last few friendlies of the season, our defense was what was letting the team down.

Yet again the support by our fans was outstanding, and we far outnumbered the home supporters (not saying much I guess, considering who we were playing). Hopefully we get another good crowd at OAKA this weekend.


One Response to “AO Peristeriou 0-0 AEK”

  1. Chris Zap Says:

    Our cup game on Sunday will be live on the internet, at and Last game that was shown on had 250,000 views and I was one of them! Too bad for the tie.

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