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AEK-Thyella Highlights

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AEK 2-1 Thyella

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Six points from the first two games of the season for us and I really cant complain. Today’s match was our first home game of the season, with over 20.000 supporters in attendance (it obviously would have been nice to see some more people out, but thats really not bad at all for a third division team).

I was hoping for a slightly more impressive scoreline before the match, though the headlines I read afterwards mostly seemed to agree on one thing: We could have easily scored a few more. So I checked out a highlight video (which will be posted shortly) and were they ever right… A missed penalty, and so many very close chances throughout the match.

Though we were only playing a third division Greek team, the highlights that I saw showed a very impressive AEK in the final third of the pitch. It looks like we completely controlled the game, at least in front of Thyella’s net. Lots of impressive individual efforts, some good movement on and off the ball, and it was nice to see that we weren’t afraid to take some chances. I know we need every point we can get and can’t afford to take too many chances, but on the other hand, you won’t score any goals if you dont take some chances. With just a little more confidence and experience, I have the feeling more of those chances will soon start paying off.