Mandraikos 0-2 AEK

Not a bad start to the season, a 2-0 win with two beautiful goals (see the video in the post above for highlights). I must say, both goals really do bring back memories of Scocco. Really can’t complain at all if we see more of this.

Estimates put the number of AEK supporter at the match (dont forget, this was an away match) at between 2,000 and 4,000, which is an amazing sight to see for a 3rd division team. I’m excited to see what our fans do at our first home match of the season. I can imagine spirits will be quite high for it.

From what I’ve heard, it sounds like we played quite alright, and missed a few chances to score a couple goals. Still though, the three points are ours, which is a huge relief. I wasn’t sure what to expect and honestly was not feeling too confident, but I guess we really couldn’t expect too much of a challenge from a team like Mandraikos, even for a largely inexperienced AEK squad.


2 Responses to “Mandraikos 0-2 AEK”

  1. That was an extremely important win for our team and even though the opponent of course wasnt “AEK calibre”, we should not forget how extremely inexperienced our team is. Never the less, I was happy to see so many AEK fans over there. Only one bad note though, there were problems with the fans and the match was even interrupted… I dont know if this is ever gonna change in Greece and it pisses me off…

  2. I noticed that too, not sure what that was all about. Seriously, they have to grow up!

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