New Kits

So, as was mentioned in a comment in the previous post, the new kits were revealed yesterday (AEK365 has some pictures).  I like them, though I wouldn’t say I’m crazy about them yet. I have the feeling I’ll really like them when I see them in person though. One slight issue I have with the yellow one (though this could easily just be me) is that the blue “Joker” label on the yellow shirt reminds me of Asteras Tripolis. I’m also not sure how I feel about having that small strip of white on the shirt. Again, this might just be me being picky, but I can’t remember any recent kits that had white on them (at least not on the yellow home kits). I somewhat feel that having the blue and white sort of takes away from the yellow and black, the two colours that mean most to AEK.

Having said all that, I know Ill warm up to them very soon.


2 Responses to “New Kits”

  1. Great game yesterday for this historic day for us on our 90th year of existence. I have to admit that i was nervous going into this game due to our poorly played last bunch of friendlies and that stadium has been nothing but bad luck for us. But the guys played excellent, the score should have been a lot higher, keep in mind we also missed a penalty. The goals were the kind of goals that i have seen by Scocco!

    Excellent turn out by our fans, Melisanidis was there too. I wish i was there also but some other year i guess (at the opening ceremonies of our new stadium). The reviews were very good, I read a couple. The game was broadcast on the internet by the leading sports web site in Greece, that’s . NOVA couldnt get rights to the game so came forward and the stream was excellent. Had I realized it was going to be that good i would have adjusted my Sunday schedule around the game. I had promised the wife i was going to take her shopping and couldnt back down, never again on a Sunday especially if the streams are that good.

    Anyway, great start to this season. Lets steam roll over them and move on to the b-division.

  2. Over 200,000 people watched the game streamed over the net,

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