For anyone looking for updates on the whole mess we’re in right now, go ahead and check the comments section of the post below this one… I couldn’t add anything else to what has already been said.

Just a matter of waiting now and seeing what the next few days bring.


18 Responses to “Updates”

  1. Chris Zap Says:

    I’ll start a new string here cause the other one is getting too long!! There is some excellent news on the AEK websites today. At first I didnt believe what I was reading so I went to all the other AEK sites as well and all confirm the same stories, even the regular sport sites are confirming the news http://www.gazzetta.gr/podosfairo/article/394185-anastasi-kai-enosi

    Its been one headline after the other, Poli has agreed to join forces with Melisanidis, Demis had already offered his assistance, Pappas was already on board and now so is Kanellopoulos. Main priority is the stadium which according to Vouros, construction has to start before the end of 2013. Can the tears of sadness that we have experienced these last few days be converted to tears of happiness?

    Excellent news, just in time for Easter.

  2. nikolasaekara Says:

    I’m still trying not to get my hopes up, but everything (finally) seems to be coming together! There’s still talk of thanopoulos and adamidis keeping the pae alive with loans and making us play in b ethniki with all the debt, but I think too many people support melissanidis’s plan for that to happen. What I’d like to see now is melissanidis and co actually taking ACTION, because we’ve heard enough talking and hypothesising to last us a lifetime…

  3. Chris Zap Says:

    I am being cautious too but its looking good so far. Goumas is on board as well, on Wednesday Melisanidis is meeting the mayor of Philadelphia to talk about the stadium. Fingers crossed.
    We will have to get Adamidis out of the picture, I dont trust him. I dont think the fans will make the same mistake twice. They did it in 2005, they are not going to fall for it again.

  4. nikolasaekara Says:

    I agree. The Supporters Club seem to be on board with the idea. The only person whose position is unknown Notias, who has given even the slightest indication as to what his outlook is. Still, it should all become clear at the board meeting on the 14th of may, hopefully Notias won’t make a stupid decision and force us to play in beta ethniki with all the debt. Let’s see…

    Also well done to the basketball team, who today made it back into A2! Men’s volley team also got back into A1 a few days ago! Hope the football team follows them!

  5. nikolasaekara Says:

    *unknown is Notias *hasn’t given, sorry for the typos.

  6. alexaek Says:

    No worries, really appreciate all the comments, typo or no typo!

  7. Chris Zap Says:

    I was out of town for the week and didnt get a chance to read much about AEK, it was a rather busy week. However I thought i read something regarding the Psomiadis case, that the money from the case will go towards the tax debt?

    At this stage of the game i think we all have got used to the idea of AEK playing in the 3rd division. As long as Melisanidis backs the team i have no fear, if he doesnt, than I am worried!!

  8. Chris Zap Says:

    Despite the economic crisis in Greece, AEK’s attendance was up 40% compared to last year, http://www.gazzetta.gr/football/article/502521/krisi-kai-sta-eisitiria

    AEK sta efkola, AEKARA sta dyskola!!

  9. Chris Zap Says:

    http://www.gazzetta.gr/football/article/504335/o-melissanidis-milise-me-notia according to this article Notias and Melisanidis have spoken. Notias will not stand in his way they wrote.

  10. nikolasaekara Says:

    A fantastic article referring to all the aspects of AEK’s rebirth, but mainly about the one problem which still remains even now that AEK is finally becoming stable and healthy…http://aek365.com/columnist_art.php?id=85&art_id=929

  11. Chris Zap Says:

    Good article Nikolas, thanks. Its funny that it mentions about our whinning. I have been reading comments on the site from fans saying how come Melisanidis hasnt mentioned how much money he will put for the stadium, etc.
    I think its enough that he has said that he is guaranteeing the creation of the stadium. Thanks to him coming forward the city has offered 20 mil towards the stadium. Thanks to him it sounds like huge sponsors will back the stadium and not to mention other greek tycoons. Anyway, we are constantly a bunch of whiners.

  12. Chris Zap Says:

    I just returned from Greece after spending three excellent weeks there, enjoying the sun and the sea. I was reading the AEK paper often and kept reading how our rivals kept commenting on how we got away with paying back our debt to the greek public and how we are getting 20 mil from the state to build our stadium.
    They keep forgetting how they stole the file from AEK to build its stadium for the olympics and instead the file went to Olympiako. They keep forgetting how the greek court systems conveniently keeps postponing the Psomiadi case, money that will go back to the public debt as they have promised. But, the greek state protects certain individuals.

  13. nikolasaekara Says:

    They also forget that we will be playing in the amateur division next season! If they’re panicking this much now, I wonder what will happen when we make it back to the (so-called) superleague. As for the stadium, I think Melissanidis is doing the right thing not putting much money in himself – he’s trying to turn AEK into a self-sustainable, independent club, not one reliant on a wealthy owner (though unfortunately ‘the wealthy owner’ is the model for many top clubs – PSG, Monaco, Man City, etc) so I think complaints about his lack of financial input are ignorant.

  14. Chris Zap Says:

    Nice turn out the other day at practice, about 3000 fans plus Melisanidis!! I wish I was there!

  15. Chris Zap Says:

    This was all over the Greek sports web sites http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424127887323873904578571650596644848.html, an article on The Wall Street Journal about AEK, how such a historic team got to the mess it is in now. They talk about how it mirrors the Greek state, ie: poor leadership, an outsider saviour coming to bail us out, ie: IMF (if you want to call them a saviour), Mellisanidis for AEK. They talk about the thief Psomiadis, the corrupt Greek league, etc.

    Anyway, good article but one needs a subscription to read it in English. It was translated in Greek on the Greek sites.

  16. Chris Zap Says:

    Btw, we won our first friendly against Nea Ionia (my old hood) 4-1. There is a talk of a friendly between AEK and PAOK. Our presidents are friends and share the same love towards that part of the world (Pontios). They also met a while back in Cyprus and talked about how to clean up the Greek League, which is easy enough, get rid of one person 😉

  17. Chris Zap Says:

    Another friendly another win but the true test will take place Sept 7th against Omonoia of Cyprus. This last test proved that we need a good stopper.

  18. nikolasaekara Says:

    Absolutely, wouldn’t mind Cala or Kyrgiakos coming back! Though do bear in mind that Dellas is experimenting and not playing the strongest 11 players. Although I think we also need another winger. Omonia aren’t a great side but it should be an interesting game.

    As for cleaning up the greek league, I read that marinakis said he was thinking of resigning from olympiakos. If only…

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