AEK 2-1 Veria

Unfortunately, due to the usual excuse of school work with the term approaching its end, I haven’t had too much time to actually write much worthwhile here on the blog. I think gtmanleg’s comment on a previous post sums up pretty well our game over the weekend:

“Good win today that should stave off any chance at relegation. Let’s get a few more.

The disturbing thing is that gesture made after the 84 minute goal. I really hope that was a mindless error.”

Definitely great that we got all three points, and it looks like we should be pretty safe from here on. I won’t lie, but that’s a pretty big relief, there were some moments earlier in the season where it seemed like relegation was a definite possibility.

Something happened at the game which was everywhere on the internet. Really. And that something is the gesture Katidis made after scoring his game winning goal, a gesture which looks pretty much identical to the Nazi salute. I honestly don’t know what to think. Was he really making the salute? Or, has he claims, did he not know what it meant?

If he was actually making it intentionally (which I believe very well could be the case, considering the rise of neo-nazi ideologies in Greece these past couple years, and the media Xrisi Avgi have been receiving), what was he thinking? Does he actually support neo-nazi views? He stated afterwards that he in no way does, and that he understands the history of AEK and the refugees who formed our club and identity, and the discrimination they faced simply because they were refugees.

It is possible that he actually did not know what the gesture meant. I find it hard to believe he could not know what it meant, but perhaps my experiences simply don’t compare to his. As someone who is actually taking a human rights course at the University level at the moment, a course in which the Holocaust is discussed in quite detail, I cannot imagine making that gesture and not associating it with its disgusting past. But perhaps he, simply as a 20 year old football player with little to no political experience at all, really just did not know?

Bottom line is, none of us can know. We really can’t. I will however say that I have not been too impressed with his attitude in general since he joined the club, and I honestly have not been too impressed with his playing either, though perhaps that is something which would’ve changed over time. Now we may never know, as his future with AEK is still not certain.

Part of me does feel kind of bad for the kid (just kind of), if it was in fact an honest though terrible mistake. We’ll have to see over time though, perhaps this whole experience will turn out to have its advantages.


39 Responses to “AEK 2-1 Veria”

  1. Chris Zap Says:

    Another bad loss, another coach gone (Linen is history) and the B-Division just around the corner if they don’t smarten up.

  2. Chris Zap Says:

    Dellas is our new ciach.

  3. Chris Zap Says:

    I meant “coach”, sorry for the typo.

  4. Chris Zap Says:

    Happy Birthday AEK, 89 years old today. Lets hope we dont celebrate our 90th in the B-Division. Hope for a win tomorrow!!

  5. Chris Zap Says:

    It just also happens to be my daughter’s birthday today as well (April 13), coincidence or what!!

  6. Chris Zap Says:

    AEK is an “idea”

  7. Chris Zap Says:

    AEK against the war and NATO

  8. Chris Zap Says:

    AEK, the Nea Philadelphia story

  9. Chris Zap Says:

    AEK, the basketball team, still holds the world record as the largest crowd to watch a basketball game

  10. Chris Zap Says:

    Embros Dikefale AETE

  11. Chris Zap Says:

    Kostas Nestoridis

  12. Chris Zap Says:

    Well, its basically a done deal, we are heading to the B-Division. If even that, we are not sure what the next day will bring. A sad sad day for us, my heart bleeds writing this. I am not sure if Alex or any one else here will write anything about today’s game. In front of our largest crowd this season, with more than 35,000 fans we managed to lose this game. But I wish it was only a loss, a loss wouldnt have been that bad to take. We still could have remained in the league with a win against Atromitos next Sunday. But, thanks to an auto-goal by our defense man and 300 of our most disgusting, idiotic, malakes fans we lost the game. These idiots i wish would just leave AEK alone, these idiots that always haunt us, the same idiots that caused all that trouble at the cup game against Atromitos, nailed the coffin for the team.

    The ref didnt help, he could have resumed the game like he did a couple of weeks ago when the same thing happened at the Aris vs Veria game. He resumed that game so Aris will not get punished with a loss of points but he refused to do that with us today. He was going to, then they say he received an SMS with some threats. The Panthrakikos (I mispelled it) players along with our players were begging him to restart the game, even for a minute of game time, but he refused. They even missed their flight due to the delay. They didnt want to go down in history as winning the game on paper. 2008 we lost the championship on paper, now we lose the division on paper.
    The whole thing just stinks, i still feel the league wanted us out. I know, i know, some will say i am passing the blame, i know had our players simply played and scored some goals they could have made the difference but this league simply stinks. Aris and Veria the two teams below us score 5 goals each today??? Aris the second last place team scored 5 goals against the third place team. The ref refuses to start our game??? Reporters at Karaiskaki get beaten up and the league does nothing? PAO’s president got stuck in the elevator at Karaiskaki for 15 minutes today, coincidence? I dont think so, nothing is a coincidence with this league. AEK started the second half of the season great,, we were making progress and then we started going down hill again with a questionable penalty against Platanias!!
    Anyway, i am blaming our team mostly, these kids simply can not carry the weight of the AEK jersey, jerseys alone do not win games. We dont have the players, most important we dont have management, the team has been abandoned by all and we all know AEK has supporters with very deep pockets that could help but simply dont want to. We have the fans, the fans have been there throughout the season, we did not let the team down, we have one of the highest attendance this year, not even PAO fans have gone out to support their team this year, but we dont have the backing from our ship owner fans, those that came from the same land as AEK did. Melisanidis was at the game today, along with his close friend and our previous coach Bajevits, Lyberopoulos was there today, same with Kafes, Alexopoulos, 35,000 healthy fans were there along with hundreds of thousands from all over the world watching the game on tv or via the internet. But that tiny, tiny minority of hooligan fans have now ruined it for the majority, unfortunately they were there too. Can these people not be stopped?
    Anyway, i dont know what tomorrow brings. A drop to the b-division will not relieve us of our debt and now with less fans going to watch the games, where is the team going to get the money to pay back that debt? Some say even if we go down to the 4th division we will not be able to escape the debt??!! So, whats next? the total end of AEK?? 89 years of history down the drain??

  13. I am shattered,absolutely shattered…..I watched the match today,one of the few i have been able to this year and when those idiots ran on the field at the 87th minute i knew our fate was sealed.They were never going to restart the game and we have always been muted for the drop by the bastards running the thing.Where did it all go so wrong???Ever since we lost that title on paper,it’s been downhill……….But one is clear to me,AEK WILL RISE AGAIN…..too many GOOD people love this club for it to be down for to long!!

  14. Chris Zap Says:

    I still cant believe it has happened, i cant get over it, i keep thinking it was a bad dream and i will wake up. I actually didnt sleep well last night thinking about this. I wanted to reach over grab the iPAD and read the latest news, hoping for something good, some news that this was a huge mistake but nothing. I have read lots today, there were lots on the greek sport sites about last games of seasons past and questionable endings??!! There were lots written on who killed AEK. Was it its own fans? was it its own management? Was it the league and those that ran it cause AEK never played their game? Was it Tritsonis and who ever called him on his phone?? The Aris-Veria game was interrupted 4 times and yet, they finished that game so Aris will not get penalized.
    There was a lot of talk today by fans writing in and saying that maybe it is a good thing that AEK will drop to the B-Division, that we can regroup and return to the A-Division, but are we forgetting something? Who is to say that we can actually advance out of that division once we get there? Its not any better, thats the same division with the likes of Kavala, Olympiakos-Volou, that division is controlled by the scam of greek society, the dirt that runs all the bouzoukia joints, the mafia. Thats where the majority of game fixing takes place, we are never going to get out of that swamp once we get in there unless we start playing their game. And the only way we will play their game is if another low life, some one like the likes of Psomiadi takes over!!
    AEK has 1.5 million fans world wide, why is that we attract such scam. That few, from the 300 fans that have caused us so much grief, to past scam owners/presidents, the likes of Psomiadi and most recently Adamidis. I could include Nikolaidis in that group but he never stole from AEK, simply mismanaged it.
    Anyway, another video below, they say a picture is worth a thousand words.
    Heaven and Hell

  15. Chris Zap Says:

    A picture from the stadium yest, basically it represents how thousands of us have been feeling since yesterday.

  16. Chris Zap Says:

    Aris was at the stadium on Sunday too. Aris is the huge AEK fan (not the team), who gave part of an insurance settlement that he won, in order for AEK to obtain a player. Aris is a regular fan like us here, he doesnt have the deep pockets that some of our so called fans, the ship owners do. Who knows where they were that Sunday but not at the stadium (with the exception one whose face was plastered all over the net and tv.

    Yeah i still cant get over it, and i am still pissed off.

  17. Chris Zap Says:

    I’ll add some more comments from what I read today on the Greek sport sites.

    1) On Thursday Super-League will determine AEK’s punishement, the sentencing will take place at 1PM at SL’s offices at Marousi. AEK fans are planning to be there outside to protest.
    2) x-Panionios president said that 5 buses from Thessaloniki came down to Athens full of Aris fans and it was them that caused the trouble. However he did say that he has no proof, just that he knows.
    3) When we played against Leviadiakos two weekends ago, Koboti said that he was going to drop AEK, which he later denied. Coincidence had it that Aris put 4 goals against his team the week before. Then Aris becomes Barca all of a sudden and scores 5 against Tripoli, the third place team. I know I already mentioned this but I read today that Tripolis did not show up with the regular squad. The regular squad was being “protected” for the cup game against PAOK. And of course we cant forget that Veria became Real and scored 5 as well.
    4) Spata was closed on Monday, today it opened up for staff only, Dimitrelos our president is in the hospital, has been since the 87th minute of Sunday night, for heart trouble. However AEK’s management made an appearance today, they are pressing charges against the ref, Tritsonis. Another high-level officer from AEK couldnt be found Sunday night, apparently the battery on his cell had died!! Yeah right, and that explains why Dellas was left all alone to deal with this Sunday night.
    5) Now, some of the conspiracy theories have it that: AEK’s management want AEK to drop to the third division, so they can start fresh, wipe out the debt, etc. Since lost year they have been talking about purchasing the “tax” number of Kalithea which will allow it to start off as basically a new company! Keep in mind that when AEK was close to the brink of failure back in 2004, it owed the gov’t something like 190 million euros. That debt was reduced by 90% down to 27 mil euros. They were given 10 years to pay it back, if they dont, it goes back to the original amount. Unfortunately not much of a dent has been made so far. At least when Demis was running the show, he may have signed ridiculous contracts with the likes of Ferrera, Donis, paying something like 7 mil for Djebour, but he was paying the monthly installments towards the debt. Adamidis missed a few payments, quite a few in fact. So you can see why this theory makes sense.
    6) another scenario has it that Psomiadis maybe behind this, cause if we start off as a new company, we cant go after him.

    A lot of people are starting to like the idea of AEK going to the 3rd divsion, they are using the argument that if we dont, next year will be the same as this one, there will be no light at the end of the tunnel. They are providing examples of other great teams that fell, rebuild and now are at the top of their divisions. But, thats other healthy leagues, they dont have the rot of the greek superleague. Even Italy with its mafia was able to sentence teams like Juve, Greek politicians are not that strong to take on something the equivalent of a Greek Juve.

    I forgot to say that the police report is also throwing the blame at the ref, saying that they had secured the stadium and the game could have restarted. Btw, the rules state that after a certain time the game can be terminated for good, so in a way, Tritsonis did the right thing. AEK is arguing that the same rule was not applied to the Aris – Veria game, that game was restarted after a lengthy delay.

    There was some other stuff written but so much that I forgot. Some other was written regarding the impact AEK will have on the league’s revenue if its not there, ie: NOVA is already feeling the impact, a lot of AEK fans have cancelled their subscriptions and the contract that it has with the league states that if any of the big teams are not there, the revenue that the league will receive from NOVA will be some where between 10-20% less. OPAP the betting monopoly will also be providing less revenue to the league as well.

    This article states in chronological order the downfall of AEK

    1st – It states that it all started with the sale of the team to Psomiadis who stole 21 million from AEK and the state simply turned a blind eye.
    2nd – the tearing down of our stadium from the then president Granitsas, May of 2003. He was promised from the PASOK (socialist) govt that AEK’s stadium will be replaced with a new stadium just in time for the Olympics. This was a verbal agreement, nothing official, the govt fell, ND (conservative) govt took over, and that promise was transferred to their friend Kokalis and the Karaiskaki stadium got the facelift. Once again we were uprooted just like in the early 20’s. We never would have fallen if we had our stadium.
    3rd – Then came the loss to PAO when we were not awarded an extremely clear penalty by the ref Bassaras, final game of the 2005 season, denied us entry to the Champions League and the loss of that revenue.
    4th – Losing the 2008 championship on paper to Olympiako, the loss again of at least 15 million from UEFA and the loss of the championship title.
    5th – Demis resigning. No one better has come along since he left, yes he was very generous with the money, too much was wasted but we have not seen good football from our team since he left. He had a vision, the stadium was packed season after season. He had an eye for talent, thanks to him a few of us were privileged enough to watch the next Mesi play, of course I am referring to Scocco. God we miss Scocco.

    Anyway, i know, i should get a life. AEK is LIFE.

  18. thanks for all that reporting Chris,certainly makes for interesting reading……..Demi’s downfall was that he tried to help the cops with the hooligans….and Original turned on him.Hopefully we don’t lose any points over Sunday’s drama but I don’t see that happening.

  19. Chris Zap Says:

    Yes that’s very true, he tried to bring order to the chaos that is Greek football and unfortunately no one backed him up cause this serves their causes. If he was successful none of this would have happened last Sunday, or during the cup game against Atromitos or at other games.

  20. Chris Zap Says:

    They dropped us. The decision just came out. Loss of 3 points for this season, two points for next year and a 4K euro fine. So, we will be starting the B-Division next year at -2. Of course AEK will appeal it but good luck!! It also depends what happens this Sunday against Atromitos.

  21. Chris Zap Says:

    There was a lot of chatter on the radio after the decision. Interesting how they waited till 1AM to announce their decision, as if AEK fans will be sleeping. Anyway, the announcers were asking a lot of questions, and making a lot of comments, ie: Why did the AEK fans wait till the 75th minute mark to start entering the area behind the nets? At that point our game was tied, OFI was losing 2-0 at that point, which meant had it ended normally we would have been ahead by a point in the standings. But, shortly after that OFI tied their game, and with the first chance the hooligans got, they stormed the pitch and started their destruction. The police said that within 20 minutes they had the stadium secured, AEK personnel had new nets on the posts, new flags at the corners, the stadium and pitch were ready for the game to resume, and Panthrakikos was willing. The funny thing today is that Panthrakikos denied that they were willing to resume the game, thats what they announced to the superleague which outraged the AEK fans that had gathered outside the SL building. When reporters tried to contact Panthrakrikos no one was available to talk, they were not answering their phones at all. One of the main arguments that AEK had including the reporters is who the heck was Tritsonis talking with on his cell!!??
    The whole thing stinks, who the heck is behind this!!?? I guess we will never find out, and if we did, there is no such thing as justice in Greece.

  22. Chris Zap Says:

    From a Turkish AEK fan, a well written article

  23. Chris Zap Says:

    We lost another game, perhaps the most critical of all, right at the end, at the 93 minute mark. Our guys tried and tried, perhaps they played one of their better games from recent weeks but they couldnt score. You have to help yourself, you cant win games if you dont score. I was listening to the game on the highway today, during a small road trip from Montreal to Ottawa. There was a 3 on 3 break away, Fountas had the ball, he could have passed but he decided to shoot, the ball went out. Its inexperience like this that has costed us all season.
    So, with that loss we finish 15th which guarantees us relegation. That was all ready confirmed from Thursday’s sentencing but there was some hope that by winning today’s game, and by a small chance if we won our appeal on Wed, maybe we would have remained in the division.
    The boys collapsed on the field in tears, serious crying, there are pictures on the web for those that want to look at the state the guys were in. Guirero broke down, Arabatzis remained flat on the field, Pavlis who already has serious health problems has been taken to the hospital where he is going to spend the night.
    Its too bad that these kids will go down in history with this, they didnt deserve it, they were basically set up to fail from the beginning. They thought that just by wearing the jersey they will be able to carry the weight of AEK, i dont mean them, i mean those that put the jerseys on these kids, by giving them a false sense of success. As Dellas said in his interview, these kids were thrown on this ship with out a captain. They were abandoned to fight it out on their own, with no support, nothing. As Linen said on his interview some of them were even lacking in “iron”. Its sad that the team has fallen to that state. Its too bad that all these filthy rich share holders abandoned the team. I know its tough to support a dirty league but all of them together could have made a difference if they wanted to, they could have flexed their financial muscle if they wanted to. I wonder how they are feeling now? I havent been feeling good all week, since last Sunday. Actually since before that, since Aris beat Atromitos with 10 players i knew it was game over but i still hoped. I didnt sleep well last Sunday night, I may not sleep well again tonight thinking about the next day. How are they sleeping our wonder?
    I dont know what the next day will bring for AEK, there is absolutely no one that can lead this team out of this mess. The present management will call it quits on May 14. Thats the scary part!!

    There were street fires today in Nea Philadelphia, several hundred of our fans walked from Philadelphia to Peristeri. Eventually they opened a gate and let 600 of them in. They didnt stop singing. I wonder if any that did the damage last week were there?

    On the radio this evening the chatter was on the impact the absence of AEK will have on this corrupt league. The loss of revenue, the loss of its fan base, the loss to OAKA, another olympic building thats going to stay empty and fall apart. The impact will be huge, and if AEK goes bankrupt, this could cost the greek tax payer about 40 mil in loss of revenue. Which is unfair to the greek tax payer but unfortunately, since greece is ran by a country with corrupt politicians, thats what they get. Cause if the Psomiadis case was settled and AEK was awarded the millions that he stole from her, AEK could have then payed back its debt. But the Greek politician decided to support a thieve instead of its people, but then again, what do you expect from a bunch of thieves, of course they will support each other. Anyway, my anger is starting to show so i better stop writing.

    Good corrupt Super League, but we will be back, stronger than ever. Other great teams fell and boubced back and so we will.

    On, and on a final note, congrats to Olympiakos for its well deserved 40th championship, and next year for its 41st, and the year after that for its 42nd, and so on and so on. Maybe some day it might let one of its farm teams win something but then again, the Olympiakos farm teams believe in Reaganomics, that something will trickle down to them. There goes my sarcasm again.

    • nikolasaekara Says:

      I keep reading articles saying its time for the shareholders to take responsibility and pay back all the debt they created. Whoever says that is living in a dream world, if the shareholders were going to put any money in they would have done so a long time ago. It’s time to start from the beginning. Get rid of the debt, and start from gamma ethniki. It’s not pretty, but it’s the only way to get rid of the jokers who have ruined our club once and for all. If we try playing in beta ethniki we’ll just go bankrupt after a few weeks. The debt is just too big. Debt to players remains if we drop to gamma, but that’s only a fraction of the current debt as a whole. (I think). Hopefully while we’re gone from the “superleague” mr marinakis will finally realise that the greek league is non-existent without AEK. Good luck to the basketball team who have the play off with iraklis next week to get back into the professional leagues.

  24. gtmanleg Says:

    Thanks so much for all the updates. The whole thing is sad.

  25. Chris Zap Says:

    It is sad, extremely sad. Nikolas you are correct, in a pragmatic realistic world that is the best scenario. But we do have our pride, our ego, our history but none of that alone will pay the bills. What bugs me is how can a majority shareholder walk out on his company? They all should have sat down and come up with a solution, instead of jumping ship. All of them together have the strength to solve this. At the same time its not fair to the greek tax payer to lose the 30 mil that AEK owes them, its also not fair to the AEK fan having Psomiadi walk away from this so many times.
    Right now there is so much being written and talked about regarding AEK that I simply cant keep up.

    Latest with the ref is that he was talking with Briakos, he is the number two man thats running the refs. Also UEFA rules state that refs are not allowed to be communicating with anyone outside of the game that may influence the game’s result. Lets see if AEK will use this during her appeal tomorrow.

    • nikolasaekara Says:

      Ever since demis left, it’s been all about the money. The shareholders just don’t give a damn. These last two years they’ve just been looking for a way to offload the club without losing money, but no one has come f

    • nikolasaekara Says:

      Ever since demis left, it’s been all about the money. The shareholders just don’t give a damn. These last two years they’ve just been looking for a way to offload the club without losing money, but no one has come forward, and they haven’t put any more money in, and the result is what we have now. A mess. I agree that AEK going bankrupt wouldn’t be fair on the taxpayer, but fairness has been absent from greece for a long time now (which of course is why the psomiadis case is going nowhere), and I think it would be only a small addition to the many injustices the greek taxpayer has already suffered. The government has robbed the people of far more money than AEK will have if it goes bankrupt.

      As far as buying the tax number if another club goes, I’m not too keen. It just seems like cheating. I mean, that’s what iraklis did to get back into the professional leagues. I don’t think we want to sink to their level…

      Latest news: talk of aris getting points deducted due to debts to players, but good old EPO stepped in and postponed the case to the end of next month. Classic.

  26. Chris Zap Says:

    You are absolutely right about the greek taxpayer part, also mind you, the greek taxpayer would cheat the system first chance he/she would get as well. Not that two wrongs make it right but you know what I mean. Thats why the country (and AEK) are in this mess (one of the many many reasons).

    I read the part about Aris last night. Funny how they are doing everything they can to push Aris. Once Aris became a franchise of Olympiakos, the game’s rules changed!! How convenient. And thats why i believe there is no sense appealing, their minds were made up from long time ago.

    Btw, members of the Originals are talking right now with Melisanidis to see how serious he would be about taking over AEK if she had a clean slate. The thing is that a fund that he is running or is a member of, is taking over OPAP, the Greek betting company and of course there are laws that prevent owning a football team and running OPAP at the same time. But then again, didnt Kokkalis run Intralot or what ever they were called?

  27. Chris Zap Says:
    The meeting with Melisanidis is over. He received 10 members of the Originals into his office. The Originals once again apologized for their 2005 behaviour. They realized now how different things would have been had they supported him instead of Demis. He didnt give any promises but if i understand correctly he would seriously consider it. Within a three year time frame AEK could be back in the top of the super league division and playing in her own stadium.

  28. nikolasaekara Says:

    Sounds promising. Didn’t like talk of involving old shareholders such as hantziioannou but I suppose if melissanidis is in charge he’ll make sure they act in AEK’s interests and not their own.

    The next few weeks are going to be very interesting…

  29. Chris Zap Says:

    In a way, we really didnt hear anything new once their meeting was over. Even if we drop to the 3rd divisions he still wants partners to come in with him. I just dont know how he is going to do it once he takes over OPAP. I hope we are not been fed more bullshit, we had enough.
    Anyway, our appeal was over turned, I guess we are never going to get justice on that Tsitronis call. Typical Greek justice at work.–sow.html

  30. Thanks for the updates. Maybe Dortmund can help get our money back..they are doing a good Robin Hood at the moment πŸ˜›

  31. nikolasaekara Says:

    Surely he can give up his shares in the fund that’s buying OPAP? Definitely agree that we’ve been fed enough bullshit, so I don’t want to get my hopes up about this, however good it may sound. In a way I think it’s good that the appeal was rejected, it will remove any more wild dreams about us remaining in the superleague, pushing us more towards the new beginning that is required.

  32. Chris Zap Says:

    Speaking of Dortmund, at least we share similar colours πŸ˜‰
    There was some talk yesterday regarding the stadium. They wrote that Melisanidis contacted Vouros who ran the stadium file in the past. Good sign I suppose. Members of the Originals are trying to get a meeting with Poli, the partner that Melisanidis wants but he is out of Athens till middle of next week. They say that Pappas has already spoken with Melisanidis and is willing. I’ll believe all these when i see it.
    Even the AEK reporter on Nova radio this AM (Eastern time) didnt know what else to say about AEK and its next step. Management has not been present at Spata. Like you said Nikolas, time to get this over with no matter how painful it is and move on.

  33. Hey guys,

    I hope this blog is soon to be continued, the only English AEK blog for a long time and I came to read regularly… Due to the fact this is the only one and its being quite inactive, I am about to launch a new AEK blog in English language. Is there anyone who would like to help out as an author?


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