Veroia 0-4 AEK!

Beautiful isn’t it? Like my father told me today, before this game we only scored 4 goals all season, now we just scored 4 in one game. Away. With some great goals. And some great support from our supporters that traveled north. Just like the good old days!

For once I wasnt working during the match. Didnt manage to catch a live stream but I did hear some radio commentary at times, and it sounded like we definitely had some chances for a couple more goals.

You can catch some highlights, including the goals, at this link.

Great stuff, and I really must say I’ve been very impressed by Linen so far. To be able to bounce back after a 4-0 loss and win 4-0, the first time AEK has scored 4 goals away since last year? Not an easy thing to do with AEK in this league. And I can’t imagine what Linen could do with some solid financial backing and a few good signings.

We’re still at the bottom of the table, but we only need three points to get out of the relegation zone, and like I mentioned last week, its fairly smooth sailing from now on. Hopefully with some momentum from the win we can start getting some more results like today.


7 Responses to “Veroia 0-4 AEK!”

  1. A couple of more statistics for the team. It has been 10 months since the last time we were awarded a penalty. I guess the refs finally remembered that we too, deserve to be awarded a penalty once in a while.
    Also, it was the team’s 1000th win since 1959.

  2. One more stat, in the 11 games we have played so far this year, we have received 40 yellows!!

  3. Good to see you up and running. I’m an English/Irish descent Tottenham Hotspur fan who lived and worked in Kerkyra for 9 summers 89-98.
    Mostly PAO & Olympiakos fans over there, but I always preferred AEK.
    I like your origins, much like Celtic, displaced working class.
    Hope to visit Athens and see a game soon.


  4. Cool stuff! I wish I could spend 9 summers in Kerkyra. And thats interesting about AEK fans there, I wonder how it compares to now. I believe the Originals have quite a presence there now, I always see their banner at every game, and I think they even organized an anti-nazi protest there a few weeks ago? It might not have been Kerkyra though.

    And thats true about Celtic! Ive actually become a bit of a fan of Celtic lately, it would definitely be the club Id support from Scotland. Ive also noticed quite a bond between Livorno and Celtic, and of course Livorno and AEK have quite a relationship too. Ive noticed on the Celtic-Livorno facebook page, Celtic supporters have been posting some AEK stuff too which was awesome to see!

    • Hi
      You have probably witnessed the attack on Spurs fans by the Rome fascists this week.
      I wouldn’t call our fans left wing, but they are mostly anti-racist as Tottenham is a multi racial club, with black, Asian, Irish, Jewish , Turkish and also a large Greek (mostly Cypriot) following.
      We have become a major scalp for the fascists around Europe it seems.
      Our main allies are Ajax (note the Amsterdam Spurs flag in Lazio) because of their Jewish traditions.
      I like to adopt each nations socialist club like Livorno (as you mention), St Pauli, Rayo Vallecano, Besiktas, Celtic but particularly AEK because of my connections to Greece.
      Hard times for Greece right now, but a move away from rampant capitalism may be for the better.
      I hope your nation and your team will turn the corner soon.

      (Come on you Spurs)

  5. Nice!

    And I really can’t stand Lazio fans, though unfortunately there are a few AEK fans who want our club to be associated with them. Thankfully, they are a minority.

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