Lienen it is

So, after about a week of waiting, we finally got our new coach a couple days ago. And while I wasn’t too excited when I first heard his name mentioned as a possibility, Ive since started feeling a little more comfortable about it. And, considering how bad our situation is, I guess we really should be grateful that anyone was still willing to step in.


Sure, we could’ve gotten a better coach… isn’t that almost always the case? But at least Lienen does have plenty of experience as a manager, and he knows the Greek league. He knows what to expect, he’s experienced it all a few times now. Now we just have to wait and see if he can turn things around. Though, really, only part of the blame can be put on the manager when we have a team as inexperienced as the one we have now. Really, the fact that our manager has more superleague experience than most of our players is a pretty frightening fact.


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