88 Years

Its been months since Ive posted, many, many months. To be honest, because of having to work, and for other reasons, I havent been able to watch too many games lately. And Ive been far too upset with the current state of the team to follow it too much.

Its not that Ive given up on AEK, or ever will. And I certainly havent stopped supporting the club… but when I compare what we are now as a club compared to three seasons ago, four seasons ago, even ten or twenty seasons ago, it becomes quite depressing. And Ive given up following the press and what they have to say regarding our financial situation..

But with summer coming up soon and exams almost over (I have exactly a week from today ’till my last exam for this semester), I’ll still try to get some posts up. I remember how much this blog helped me back in the day when AEKBaltimore was running it, and how it was a place where I could discuss this club I love so much with other English speakers, so I hope it become that again eventually.

Now, the reason I decided to post today was the fact that, on this day 88 years ago, was born. Yep, 88 years old. Our club has seen a lot in those 88 years… many championships and cups, exciting games in Europe against some of the continent’s biggest clubs, legendary players, successful basketball teams (and our volleyball and handball teams have been doing great lately), we saw our team play a friendly in Belgrade while the city was being bombed to show our solidarity and opposition to the war. We’ve seen so many historic times throughout our club’s existence, and the club’s origins alone were such an important part in the history of modern Greece. 

Bearing all this in mind, its such a shame to see the club in the state that its in right now, and we can only hope things will get better. Those who left their homes in Asia Minor, who were forced to start new lives as refugees in cities like Athens and Thessaloniki, as well as all over the country deserve better, as this club honours and represents those refugees who lived much harder lives than many of us. The players who played for the club because they loved it deserve better, the fans who have gone to every game for years deserve better, and hopefully we will all see better times eventually.

Happy Birthday AEK!


2 Responses to “88 Years”

  1. gtmanleg Says:

    Great to see you posting again! This is my one link to English commentary on AEK and as the grandson of one of those refugees, I really appreciate this site.

    It hasn’t been a great year, but hopefully we can do ok in the playoff and at least have some European action this year. And of course it would be nice to see someone win the league other than Oly or Pao, but that again, will have to wait for another year.

  2. Well spoken!

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