AEK 0-0 Doxa Dramas HT

First of all, happy new year everyone. I hope your holidays were great.

New Year started, Im hoping to get some more posts up on the blog from now on. First, Ill start with what Ive seen so far during the first half of our match with Doxa Dramas.

1. Sialmas needs to learn how to finish! (The same can be said for Beleck, but he has already scored a handful of goals so Im not so worried). He has technique, speed, he understands and reads the game, but when he’s in front of the net, he just cannot put the ball in. We could’ve had two or three goals just from him so far… instead, we have none.

2. Not sure if the holidays affected the team, but we got off to a very poor start. Fortunately, Doxa is a weak team, so we haven’t paid the price today, but we started off looking completely out of it.

Fortunately, things did change as the game progressed. We don’t look great yet by any means, but we are slowly starting to get the right idea. But we clearly still need some time for our players to get used to playing with each other again.

3. Cala had a perfectly legitimate goal called offside. Shame, it would’ve been great going into the break a goal up.


Im sure we’ll come away with three points from this match, but its not gonna be pretty. I think Leonardo might be coming in so hopefully he’ll bring some life to our play. Lets see..

2 Responses to “AEK 0-0 Doxa Dramas HT”

  1. Wow, Doxa drew with Olympiakos today. It makes me feel a bit better about last week’s result, although it still hurts.

    • Chris Zap Says:

      Apparantely the Red Planet website didnt stop laughing at us all week, now we can laugh back at them 🙂
      Maridakis was fuming, he handed the team a 500K euro fine. The Oly players can pay their fine, at least they are getting paid and well at that, unlike our guys but still give it 100%.

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