AEK – OLY: break a leg

Gudjohnsen fractured his leg in two places in the game against Olympiakos, when he collided with Oly’s goalkeeper Constanzo. Gudjohnsen will be out for at least four months, but I think we won’t see him on the pitch for the rest of the season.

Well, more or less good news is that we didn’t lose the game: 1-1. Mirallas in the 23rd minute and Leonardo just before halftime.


2 Responses to “AEK – OLY: break a leg”

  1. Ive read now that it might even bi six months that he’ll be out?! I cant say that Ive been very impressed with him so far, but this is still terrible news for us and him. I wish him a speedy recovery.

    As for the game. I wasn’t expecting us to play as well as we did, and we really could’ve taken all three points if we were luckier. Oly did not show up to play, managed one nice goal on their first shot on net, and that was it. We were attacking well through much of the match, and showed determintation by coming back from being behind by one. BEAUTIFUL goal by Leonardo, who had a phenomenal game! Had full control of the left side of the pitch.
    Vargas also had a great game, as well as Cala. Arabatzis was solid, Manolas not so much (though he definitely tightened up as the game progressed thankfully).

    So, 1 point. Should’ve been 3, but thats how football works. Terrible refereeing didnt help. Ridiculous yellow cards being given out like nothing, a pathetic red card (though perhaps Makos should’ve kept his mouth shut).

    Overall, many positives to take from Kostenoglou’s first match, and things are looking good for the time being. Unfortunately, all three of our substitutes were forced upon us yesterday due to injury. Hopefully the other two arent nearly as serious as Eidur’s.


  2. Result isn’t bad, but that injury, ugh. I think he could have been a difference maker. Hopefully he comes back healthy.

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