Jimenez out, Kostenoglou in

When I went to sleep yesterday Manolo Jimenez was still in charge of AEK. When I woke up it was Nikos Kostenoglou. ‘A decision both AEK and me agreed on’, as Jimenez put it, ‘AEK will always be in my heart, but it was time for a change.’

Jimenez has been our headcoach for about a year, and the first one since 2002 who was succesful when it comes to prizes: the Greek cup. The results so far in the 2011-2012 season seems to be the reason why he leaves. Losses in the Europa League against Anderlecht and Sturm Graz and ofcourse PAOK.

His successor Kostenoglou lives and breeds AEK. Played over 220 games for us in the Greek League between 1994 and 2005. Former AEK youth coach, assistant manager and headcoach part of the 2007-2008 season (we all remember that one!). After building up experience at Larissa and Asteras Tripolis he seems to be ready for the real thing. Sure hope so, because it will be a hell of a job to make this a succesful season for us.


4 Responses to “Jimenez out, Kostenoglou in”

  1. AEKMAN 74 Says:

    Don’t know what to make of this.Sure we had lost games to Paok and Anderlecht as well as Sturm which we should have won but lets look at Jimenez’s record .Takes over a team struggling for points,form and team harmony after 7 rounds.Leads them into Europa and wins the Greek Cup,first tittle of any sort in 9 years.This year,with an average squad,let’s be honest,we’re 9 points from 12,our best start in 4 years with a massive derby against Oly coming up……………..The players and management have not been paid in 8 months even after many assurances from Adamidis that they would.Kostenoglou is AEK through and through but how he’ll do a better job,I have no idea and can only keep fingers and everything else,crossed!

  2. I know, you’re right, it smells. But these are the official statements, would be nice if someone would follow up with the rumours 😉

  3. AEKMAN 74 Says:

    Definately confirmed,Kostenoglou was handling AEK’S training at Spata today.

  4. Thanks for the post KGB!

    Not sure what to think of this… Im really not. Could go either way, but I am hopeful. In my opinion Koste never should have left after the 07-08 championship.

    His first test against oly coming up this weekend. Its a big test, and he can turn out to be a hero if we get the three points here!

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