AEK 1 Ergotelis 0…….

Aek got this seasons campaign underway,even if a week late,with all 3 points at a crowd less OAKA on Sunday night.A beautiful goal from Grigoris Makos on 31 min,after a great through ball by Belleck,was the only difference after 90 min.
Ergotelis started the stronger and really could have led by 3 goals after 20 min if it wasn’t for an MVP performance by Arambatzis.Shocking defending early on between Manolas and Cala was to blame as time after time the Ergotelis striker woulld easily get between the two of them into great goal scoring positions,an example being an easy headed back pass by Manolas to his goalkeeper landed at his oppenents feet who somehow chipped over the bar when any other kind of finnish would have resulted in a goal.It really was schoolboy errors from both of them and we once again i can’t underplay Arambatzis hand in keeping the score 1 nil at half time.
The 2nd half was much better as we started to play with the ball on the ground instead of the long balls in the 1st half which must have given Gudjonsen a sore neck as he couldn’t get into the game.Karabelas and Gergeas improved on their Thursday night performance,more assured in attack and defense.Makos in the holding role was excellent,ran,tackled everything and was only behind our Goal keeper for man of the match homours.Gentzoglou had a decent game next to him but he has to learn to relax on the ball,still giving it away too easily on occasions.Leonardo started on the left and continued his impressive start to the season.Cutting in,he had a blistering shot which cannoned off the post but it’s his pace and work ethic which i’ve noticed have both increased,playing really well at the moment,our best overall so far.Carlos started on the right but was ineffective today,Ran all day,tried hard,but his touches let him down although he’s still our most creative midfielder with Eidur.Belleck was also huge today.As the lone man up front.he took a beating from their defenders but still managed to hold onto the ball and bring the midfielders into play often and it was his assist which led to the goal.Still young and very raw but I think he has a big future,hopefully it’s with us for a few more years yet.
Liberopoulos came on with 20 min to go and had a calming effect on the team.Burns,whom 3 weeks ago we thought had no future with us,replaced Carlos and looked dangerous,his speed down the flank is an asset Jimenez knows is hard to find.Vargas also came on late and even though he got an elbow to the face,still managed to settle the midfield.
So,all in all,not our best performace,by a long way.However,after that heavy defeat to Anderlecht in mid week,it was all about the 3 points and getting off to a good start.Mission accomplished!


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