Hard times

So we play in Brussels against Anderlecht on thursday, our first game in the group stage of the Europa League. A very important game ofcourse, and a chance for retribution after last years Euro League games against the Belgians. But things don’t look very good for us. We didn’t get to play one game in the Superleague, so we lack playing rythm.

Maybe even more important, the AEK-players haven’t been paid for the last six months, due to financial problems. Chairman Adamidis promised tot take care of the payments within ten days. A brave promise, considering that everyone in Europe is waiting for an unavoidable Greek bankruptcy. Big question is what will happen next. To Greece and the Greek and on quite another level: what will happen to AEK and Greek football in general.

Bad news all around. Let’s hope there’ll be some good news too on thursday, a decent win would be nice. I’ll be at the Constant Vanden Stock Stadium to see for myself.


3 Responses to “Hard times”

  1. real pity first half we put everthing into it and exsausted by the second Great goal for us but our defence just not quick enough..we looked like the home side for so much of the game….we dont lack commitment and I hope we can turn effort into goals

  2. Not looking good at all 😦 KGB, were you there today? I’m so jealous!

  3. Yep, great to be there, but didn’t like the outcome 😉

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