AEK 3 – paok 0

AEK took a big step towards qualification for the Champions League last night at the OAKA with a comfortable victory in the 3rd game of the playoffs.Coming off a midweek 1-1 draw against pao(a game in which we could have taken all 3 points).Last nights result leaves us with 8 points,paok 6,pao 4,Oly Volou 3 with 3 games still to play.
Jimenez started the match with Saja,a back four of Georgeas,Dellas,Manolas and Karabelas.The midfield in a diamond formation had Papa Boupa in his customary “defensive role”,Michel and Makos with Kafes at the top,supporting a roving Scocco with Baha up front.
The match was fairly scrappy,a lot of fouls,mainly from paok and this made for a stop start game but when there was action,it was AEK who controlled the tempo,with Michel and Pappa throwing their weight around.As early as the 2nd minute Scocco was put through and his shot hit the post.Dellas opened the scoring in the 21st minute when Scocco’s free kick was flicked on to him by Baha and he calmly placed his header past the advancing Chalkias.It was a pattern that continued throughout the match,all our goals arriving from set plays(free kicks),using our aerial dominance given that players like Dellas,Manolas our Papa are ll well above 6ft.
The only other real chance we had in the 1st half was a Dellas free kick just before the interval which grazed the post.
The 2nd started and it wasn’t long before AEK doubled their advantage.2 min had lapsed when a Scocco free kick from the wide right was met powerfully by Diop.2 nil and cruising.paok had their one and only chance denied in a 1 on 1 by Saja on 55 min and on 68 min AEK wrapped it all up when substitute Gerriero(who had come on for an injured Kafes) floated in another free kick to the back post aiming for Dellas who headed it back across goal which all the paok defenders missed falling to a gleaming Papa,who could not miss.LBy this stage Lagos had replaced a tiring Scocco and Mateos replaced Papa on 80 min who came off to a standing ovation from Adamidis.There was no crowd today as the Greek League has seen fit to punish us for the Cup Final,in which Jimenez quite rightly pointed out,was not our home game.
Our next match is again against paok,this time at Toumba on Wednesday night,where we hold no fears,and another 3 points would just about seal our place in the Champions League.


3 Responses to “AEK 3 – paok 0”

  1. alexaek Says:

    Thanks for the post Ross! Didn’t get to watch the first half and missed much of the second. To bad the weekend couldn’t be all good news as our handball team lost the Cup Final by one goal. Regardless, a great result for our football team! Only 5 points needed from the next three matches if Im correct to guarantee Champions League qualification, very easily done by us in my opinion.

    I have no fears at all for our game against mpaok in Toumba, Im confident we’ll come away with three points!

  2. Great result for AEK I cant help but get excited and think that we may just get to the qualifying stages of the champions league and from there im sure we would qualify,but then again things can easily change and turn against us. I think we can get a win or atleast a draw in Touba and then im confident of us beating PAO at home so hopefully we can have it all done without having to go to Volos and need a result as that is the team i think can have negative impact for us. Overall 2 wins and a draw is a great start and scoring 5 and conceeding 1 (considering blanco scored it) we really have started off strong and it isnt the AEK i expected but i wont complain I just hope they keep it up as the money we get for qualifying will help the club in many ways…

  3. Yes, great results! Champions League would be fantastic, but still a long way to go. Spoke to deputy prime minister Pangalos last week as we were watching the Paok-Pao game on tv. Asked him to increase the Greek debt by giving a couple of millions to AEK. He looked very strange at me, so I’m not sure he will 😉

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