Atromitos 0-3 AEK

Hey Everyone. Sorry for the delay, I was fortunate (though in some ways unfortunate) enough to attend the match, and Ill be getting a match report up shortly. Plenty to be said, not nearly the majority of it being happy, despite the fact that we won our first trophy in nearly ten years.


One Response to “Atromitos 0-3 AEK”

  1. Chris Zap Says:

    I am sure by now every one read today’s papers across the world regarding this game. Two years ago the cup game was one of the best ever played any where, yesterday’s game was possibly the worst. It set us back many many years.

    However, i am still happy that we lifted the cup with a convincing 3-0 score. To bad the game didn’t finish cause i felt a 4th goal coming. Basically I am happy for Lybe. I was extremely happy seeing him get the MVP award and lift the cup. He deserved it, after such a year that the team went through, we deserved it. Lybe dedicated it to the fans, team, coaching team, behind the scenes people, but especially to two young but very sick AEK fans. He broke into tears as he announced their names,

    Sinharitiria Lybe 🙂 Eisai psihara.

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