Larissa 2 AEK 3……..

AEK has beaten the locals courtesy of goals from Manolas and two from Lagos.Unfortunately,I didn’t watch the game,but highlights can be found on this link….

I hope AEKMAN74 won’t mind me adding to his post, but I figured I’d just add to his rather than post a new entry. I only managed to find a decent stream in time for the second half so that’s all I can comment on, but I still won’t say much. To be honest, we really should have scored at least another two goals in the final 45 minutes, with the chances we had. However, credit to Larissa, they managed to claw their way back. Also, credit for the their second goal, it was some very nice football indeed on their part.

The fact that we managed to let Larissa get within one goal of drawing the match however, after having a 3-0 lead from so early on, is a fairly scary thought considering we have the playoffs and a Cup Final coming up.

I won’t say much more about the game, I missed quite a bit of it. It is a shame, however, to see Larissa drop to the second division. I know alot of people may be happy about it, but I personally would much rather see teams like Panionios, Xanthi, and Volou out of our league as soon as possible. Larissa are a club with a brand new and very attractive stadium, supporters who managed to create an impressive atmosphere on Sunday, a side who recently won the cup and also had an impressive run in the UEFA Cup a few years back. These are the teams who should be staying up in order to benefit our league in general, rather than clubs run and operated by scum like Panionios, Volou, and Kavala (as well as many others… ).

Oh well, the league is pretty much done for the season aside from one more game. Now we have the playoffs and Cup final to look forward to. What will happen after that, come the start of next season, none of us will know. However, the team has a great chance now to win a cup and book a place in the qualifying rounds for Champions League. Its all I can hope for right now…


10 Responses to “Larissa 2 AEK 3……..”

  1. AEKARA 21 Says:

    I sense a little despondency in your post. I dont blame you. Need to win the cup and see what the hell happens with the club…

  2. aekman74 Says:

    Hey AEKARA 21,don’t get me wrong,i’m happy we won but I didn’t see the game,so i prefer to not comment.But,you are right,the clubs mess doesn’t fill me great hope at the moment,hopefully we can find investor/s quickly,whilst winning the CUP is a must,as we’ll never get a better chance.Actually,looking now,i see light at the end of the tunnel.AEK4LIFE!

  3. AEKARA 21 Says:

    yes its always nice winning 🙂 onwards !

  4. gtmanleg Says:

    That locks up the 3 spot I believe, so it was a good one to get.

  5. Chris Zap Says:

    Well, much has happened since our last replies but its not worth repeating old news. I watched the game. Thats the difference between us and the gavroi. We stopped at three, they kept on going. Mind you they called back a clean goal by Nasutti and another goal by Diop but Diop had performed a foul before he just hadnt heard the whistle and received a yellow cause of it. I thought Larissa’s second goal was offside. I got nervous when i saw the score become 3-2. It bought back memories of that horrible night at Fili against Thrasivoulos where we blew a 3-0 lead to end up with a tied game. The game was broadcast with out commentary which was kind of nice. Reason being cause the media was on a four day strike.

    It was nice and quiet with the media off. Now that they are back they have started again with the Melisanidis saga. Every year this time of the year it never fails hearing something about Melisanidis. Story goes that Demis went to his Aegean office in Piraeus to convince him to return to AEK. From 12:15 yest thats what we kept hearing on the radio. Melisanidis was quick to send out a press statement informing us that he is not interested in returning to AEK under its present condition and not to give any false hope to those of us that care and worry about the team. However the meeting has not been denied that it took place. I guess this shows how serious things are in AEK for Demis to go begging to Melisanidis. Anyways, Melisanidis no longer needs AEK, he already made his fortune by selling AEK to Trohanas. And at the same time, who can blame him, why should he inherit all these debt.
    AEK will need something like 7 mil by the end of April I think? So the player sell-off has began, Blanco is gone, Scocco will be going, basically every expensive player is up for sale, Guirero’s name has been heard, Diop’s, Saja’s. Every expensive contract. If we dont fall to the 4th divison we will become another Panionios.
    Back to the team, its nice having two wins in a row. We have secured a place in the playoffs and at the moment we do have 1 point compared to PAO’s 3. Not sure if we can pick up any more points with our final win against Iraklis. The one that will be held behind closed doors again thanks to our great supporters. It will be good psychologically for the players. Atromitos beat Olympiakos last Sunday, i am sure they were simply doing Atromitos a favour, these things happen in Greece 😉

    33,283 tickets will be issued to AEK fans for the cup final and 12,000 to Atromitos. If they dont take them all then the rest will be issued to us. But a lot of vaseloi fans will go to the Atromitos side to support them. They want more tickets for the AEK fans since a lot will be coming from other parts of greece and abroad. In addition to my two thanks to my season ticket i will need at least 1 more. Prices will range from 15 euro to 60. Only 4,382 tickets will be issued at the 60 euro price.

  6. aekman74 Says:

    Hey Chris,thanks for the update and I envy you and every other AEKTZI going to the game.About Blanco,i’m sure he’s off contract,so we get peanuts for him.Scocco will bring in around 3 mill at best,dont know where the rest will come from.Also can you fill us in on Demi’s situation,has he still got shares? Is that why he’s bringing in Melisanidis to help out the club or is his trying to sell his own and help out himself?

  7. Chris Zap Says:

    You are right about Blanco, we are getting nothing for him, just saving the renewal of a big contract. They want to bring the kid from Serres, Georgiadis.
    As for Demis, I am watching Byzantini Autokratoria at the moment (it might be on They made a good point, Demis put his house as a guarantor when he rescued the team back in 2004, and he did mention that when he gave his press conference that one night on NOVA TV when the press conference was interrupted by the Originals. Anyways, the boys said that maybe Demis is afraid that if AEK goes under he will lose his house. And its a fine house too, not to far from where we leave. Also another conspiracy, dont forget this is Greece where kafeneion talk rules, they are saying that it maybe fabricated news (cause the PAEs have their buds in the media) to put Melisanidis in a bad spot and make him look that he doesnt care about AEK. I believe that he does but dont forget twice he was turned down by Demis. When Melisanidis tried to ran for president for the Erasitehniki when he wanted to build a stadium at N. Filadelphia but Demis, his shareholders and the Originals wanted to build the stadium at the garbage dump. Then he tried again when he told the shareholders that he is willing to put in 70mil if they put in 70mil. They came back with the answer that AEK is worth 200mil. For those that dont know they refer to Melisanidis as the “tiger”. They are saying the kitten went to talk with the tiger. Anyways, the meeting hasnt been denied that it took place but its all based on people seeing Demis entering the Aegean office in Pirea. Like I said before, Melisanidis said that “under the present conditions he is not interested” so he left a window open there. In other words reduce the debt and we can chat then.

  8. Chris Zap Says:

    I forgot to mention that he still has about 8% of the shares.

  9. Chris Zap Says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY AEK, as they say here, “kai sta ekato”, make it to a hundred. Lets hope.

    Lots more talk on the papers today about Melisanidis. The AEK paper is saying that he is talking with Hatzioannou one of the x-shareholders. His father was the VP when Barlos was the president, I dont take the headlines serious but you never know, there maybe some truth in it.

    On that show that I was watching yesterday, they mentioned something, if i understood correctly that when Enic took over AEK, i think they said that Melisanidis tried to come in with them as partner, but Kanelopoulos (owners of Titan cements, worth about 1.2 bil according to Forbes), wrote a letter to Enic saying that Melisanidis has spend some time in prison. Why would he do that? He has really tried to keep Melisanidis out of AEK many times in the past, yet, they are not doing anything to help AEK. He was the share holder that gave his shares to the erasitehniki when he left. At least when Hatziioannou left he left behind 5 mil to help the team.

    Anyways, so much for “enosis”.

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