AEK 1 paok o……..and into the 2011 CUP FINAL

AEK fans all around the world world will be rejoicing today after our beloved team came back from Thesaloniki with a hard earned,well deserved victory over the locals,in the second leg of  Greek Cup Semi final.The one nil  scoreline was more than enough to take us through to the final on April 30 at the OAKA.

Jimenez,who is already just about an AEK legend,warned the players of a need to have an almost war like mentality going ito the game,telling the players “whoever isn’t ready for a fight to stay home”,before they left Athens.But ready they were,each and every one of the 14 players that wore an AEK jersey today can be proud of their achievements as we fans are of them.With it realistically being half time at 0-0 over the 2 legs,Jimenez knew that a single goal,forcing paok to score twice,would be enough.He had  the right team selection and the perfect tactics and we can be thankfull that Manolo is here for us.He played a 4-4-1-1 system with a diamond for a midfield,and it was this shape in particular that stopped paok creating any chances.In fact over the 90 minutes they had 1 clear chance,which Ilic totally wasted.The midfield of Papa Boupa at the back of the diamond,Libe at the front of it,Michel to the left and Makos to the right,closed down their midfielders as soon as they had the ball,forcing them into many errors.Keeping it tight,they completely controlled the middle third of the park.

Saja in goal,was once again well protected and had little to do apart from catch some crosses.Karabelas started left back but got injured midway through the 1st half.He was sustituted by Lagos whose experience showed.Georgias on the right was faultless as well as helping in attack,so happy for him.Dellas was Dellas,the rock,and aided by a young enthusiastic and very gifted Mateos,looked in complete control,making Salpingidis chase shadows all night.Scoocco played behind Blanco in his favourite classic no:10 role,and even though they didn’t get many chances themselves,they did look like a threat in and around the penalty area,which caused the paok players to foul time and time again.It was one of these fouls in the 48th minute which proved the difference,Scocco whipped in low free kick which Dellas bent down low himself to meet and his header just got enough on it to get it past their keeper,making the infamous Toumba shut their mouths.

Once we got the goal,they had to play,and they didn’t or rather,they couldn’t.Nothing changed,we still controlled the middle of the park and looked more than likely to get a second before they got one.As the minutes ticked by,Gate 4 sensed this,and in the 89th minute a pitch invasion forced our players to make their way to the change rooms,stopping the match with virtually injury time left to play.One of their scum bags,actually made it to our bench and started hitting players,Dellas grabbed him and a few knees to the head later by the collosus of Rhodes,the cops took him away.All this was after Saja had been hit by a flair,burning his jersey,thankfully no injury was caused.The players then came back out to resume the match after about a 20 minute break.Saja took  a long kick and that was it .Again,their morons made their way onto the field forcing the referee to finally call an end to the match,with roughly 4 minutes of injury time to play.

HOW SWEET IT IS!!!!AEK in another cup final,our 1st after the epic shootout of 2 years ago.Our opponents will be Atromitos,coincidently led by Donis,our couch before Dusan.He lasted about 7 games for memory and at the time was not ready for a big club as AEK.We’ll go into the game obviously as hot favourites and i’m sure the players will deliver to Libe and Dellas what they deserve for their time with us.FORZA AEKARA!!!!!



22 Responses to “AEK 1 paok o……..and into the 2011 CUP FINAL”

  1. Amazing feeling today I saw the game and when we scored I new we were going to the final.I think overall we deserve it and hopefully the cup is ours in late April.Our midfield was strong today the move ment was good and PAOK had trouble breaking us down.In the end great win cant wait for the final.
    Shame to see the scenes by Gate 4 but its Greece so its expected,I saw Lagos actually hit or shove a few out of the way also so its good to see our players didnt fear what came their way.
    Watching the scenes of the players arriving at thr Airport gave me goosebumps and seeing Adamidis chant “gamiste to pousti ton olympiako” made me laugh great to see a President with such passion,the way he’s going I see him being the man to change alot at AEK,lets how how it goes,in the meantime bring on the Cup!!!!!!!


  2. AEKARA 21 Says:



  3. Chris Zap Says:

    What a night!! First of all cause the game was broadcast by Conn-x I couldnt watch it at home. I found out Savvas was carrying it so I went to watch it at Savvas, along with an excellent Savvas kebab. Watching AEK and having a kebab, life is good 🙂

    Saw what happened with gate 4, another sad night for Greek football. They were saying that Athens didnt want 30K of them here, they would have destroyed the place. Anyways, Zagorakis is about to call it quits and I dont blame him.

    I went out to the airport after that. We were told to go to Kotsovolos, that’s a big box type store across the airport with lots of parking. Quite a few people actually had gone the airport itself. We went there and waited for the bus. It finally showed up and the place went nuts, i am sure you saw the video clips on I send my own video clips to Alex. The rest of the people from the airport joined us there. You should have seen the caravan of cars afterwards that followed the bus, beeping their horns all the way up to the toll booths and beyond. A bunch of kids got out of their cars, held the toll booth gates open so the AEK fans would go through quickly (with out paying) and keep up to the bus. I made to Kifissias ave by 3 AM and there were still AEK cars ahead of me with their scarfs sticking out of the window.

    Can you imagine whats going to happen April 30th? We are going to have to have a big party at our “nao”, Nea Filadelphia.

  4. Thanks for the right up bro!!!

    Great seeing Adamidis and Dimitriadis singing those chants! Such an awesome video that one was!!

    And I saw my Dad’s video of the caravan, he’s not kidding, it looked like madness! Can’t believe I wasn’t there!


  5. Chris Zap Says:

    I dont know if you can read Dimitriadis and Adamidis lips, basically they were singing what the people were singing, which was “f*** ofsp and Piraeus”. Anyways, this has ofsp’s managements nose bend out of shape a bit. But its ok for Maridakis to tell Cisse to screw himself. Like the reporter was saying on the TV this AM, whats the big deal, they were caught in the moment of celebrations, not like there is a love affair btwn the two teams. The other reporter was saying he is a lawyer, he should have been a little careful.
    Pls, we didnt have much to celebrate this year. let us enjoy the moment. The boys were celebrating in the plane ane the party continued in the bus. OFSP is just looking for an excuse to create a negative atmosphere before the derby.
    Anyways, lets postpone ofsp celebrations for another week 😉 we dont want them partying on our behalf.

  6. AEKARA 21 Says:

    Man Chris what a bunch of babies..
    ade pame AEKARA Grandeee

  7. Chris Zap Says:

    Yesterday the press was on strike, it was so nice. Today they havent stopped talking about it. Some are making it an issue. Finally Adamidis went on the air at Sentra FM, apologised over his comments. He said he felt and acted like a fan that night. It was his happiest AEK night since he took over a year ago. If you think about it, he has been serving for one year and he is taking us to the cup final 🙂
    Anyways, they are just trying to create a derby atmosphere and sell papers, they need crap to write.
    He also spoke about other issues, he is hoping the cup will bring some investors, by May we will know whats happenning with Nea Philadelphia, early April we will know whether Blanco will accept his offer, they will be making a new offer to Manolas that should make him very happy, and so on.
    He also said that when Saja got hit by that flare, all he had to do was stay on the ground and we could have taken the game on paper, but thats not in AEK’s DNA. Same thing afterwards when the fans came on the field. AEK did not have to go back out on the pitch, but we did.
    Anyways, I’ll carry on singing some of my anti-ofsp slogans 😉

  8. Yess screw them!! Well said Chris and bring us a win and you will hear me screaming from Chicago as well. FORZA

  9. Chris Zap Says:

    Hello Peter from Chicago. Greetings from Athens soon to be back in Canada. What the hell happened tonight? Our boys never recovered from Wed night?? We cant play without Dellas? What the heck are we going to do next year??

    Anyways, i am going to put tonight behind me, it was a horrible night for AEK’s history. lets focus on the playoffs and the cup and not on tonight’s fiasco.

  10. AEKARA 21 Says:

    Any News on Cup Final Tickets? Are they on sale yet? im trying to search around but no news it seems.

  11. Chris Zap Says:

    We still haven’t recovered from last week’s defeat to be thinking about the cup final 😉 Nothing yet, too early.

  12. AEKARA 21 Says:

    Thanks Chris . Im eager ! but im sure we will find out here also when they go on sale..cant wait !

    What defeat? ah you mean the joke game..forgotten long time before it even started but im enjoying the basketball now 😛 the Gavroi got beaten again and im hoping will be knocked out.

  13. Chris Zap Says:

    Some of us are in denial that it never happened, others are still trying to forget it, I am glad you did. And there are those here that still cant get over it and past it, refering to the Originals.

    I am not following the basketball but i cant help but glance at the scores and put on a slight smirkey smile when the gavroi lose. Some people here ask me, arent u Greek? You should be cheering for all Greek teams. I am sorry folks, but i have a very hard time cheering for a gavro team.

    My cousin works for the vazelo basketball team, in the marketing division. She used to get Alex and I front row center when PAO used to play AEK. And I mean front row center, you seen those barca loungers at court side? right there. Anyways, i had people today calling me asking me if there was any way my cousin could get them tickets for Thursday nights game. There is absolutely nothing left, she cant even get her own friends in there. Anyways, i have no problem seen the Vazelo team advance.

  14. tiberiousgracchus Says:

    🙂 Have to agree it was an awful scoreline…but it made no difference ..overall were having an awful championship and 50% of our players just dont give a damn (when they feel like it).
    Pao played ok against Barca the important thing was for them to win and hold the break they got in game 2. I would like to see Pao Sienna in the final four although i would have preferred it being the final.My brother in law is trying to convert me over from AEK to Pao…it wont happen lol

    Im not so into basketball myself but they show it alot here and when the big games are on i do keep half an eye on the games.
    I am acutally Italian of Uk origin married to a Greek and living in Greece (yes im like a bowl of spaghetti ) 🙂 so i was even happier Sienna won the other day.

  15. Chris Zap Says:

    Man, you are all messed up 😉 Kidding, I am married to an Italian so I cheer for Italy every chance I get. So its not a difficult choice cheering for an Italian team over a gavro team. As for your brother-in-law, you are right tell him it wont happen. We change countries, we change who we vote for, we can change religions, but we will not change football teams 😉 As Barthelomeo said, AEK is an idea. AEK is not just like any other team. AEK fans are different, special. The rest are just fans. I guess being in Greece you are following the “cassettegate”. It goes to show you how the rest of them win championships.

    Anyways, as for the players, what can I say. Few understand who they are playing for, the jersey they are representing. But what do you expect from a bunch of kids that come over from the poor hoods of south america hoping to use AEK as their gateway into Europe. They probably dont even know their own country’s history let alone AEK’s. I see Scocco is back at it again, see I say bring us 3 mil and off you go. With the spare change we can keep Blanco but even him, i dont see him staying after April 30th.

    But its not just the players, we need strong management. The team cant function like this. No one is sure whats going to happen to AEK after April 30. Pappas is finished, Notias is looking for help to carry the load and there dont seem to be any takers. A couple of names are thrown around, including a Greek/Australian whose face i simply dont trust. One who claimed was a gavros when he was young. We have returned to 2004, huge debt with an uncertain future.

    • Yes the only thing most of the foreign players care about is what they will get paid, and to showcase their talents with hopes of moving to more affluent and prestigious championships. I have not been to Greece in 4 years now but wow have things changed.
      What is wrong with most of us? Our team can not pay it’s debt yet claims to be building a new stadium soon. That would be GREAT but how and with what money???? I remember going to watch AEK – Rangers (1991?) in Philadelphia from that point on I was hooked.
      Yes watching oly lose is fun but why care? I will watch and hope every other Greek team wins when playing in Europe in any sport. Sorry but European basketball does not do it for someone who was in the Chicago Stadium often watching the Bulls win 6 championships win. In my opinion even the most horrible NBA team would win the European championship with little effort.
      Lets win the remaining games and get into the Champions league and the money will follow. In my opinion the paper championship by oly is one of the biggest reasons for our financial woes.
      We NEED the cup for the psyche of the club the players and all us supporters. FORZA AEK

  16. aekman74 Says:

    Thanks everyone for your comments,makes for interesting reading.I’ve been a little quiet lately for obvious reasons but that’s all in the past now,moving on and up!Just a couple of things,Chris I agree with you,not sure if I trust him either.His name is Con Makris, whose company is valued at around 1 billion dollars,basically they are property developers,with shopping centres and office buildings.There’s no doubt that the man has plenty to offer,weather he’s the right person for us,i’m not sure and if its correct that he’s a closet Gavro,then,no thanks.BUT we need investment quickly,reports today say Demi,is accepting Notias’ offer, giving 5 million,i’ll beleive that when it happens.
    On the playing front,problems at the back.Mateos is our only recognised central defender available for the cup final curtain raiser against Atromitos on Sunday.Scocco seems like he’s shopping himself around again,and honestly,who can blame him.The guy feels unsafe now,and there was no talk of him going anywhere before the gas can attacks on his house,don’t forget he just signed a new contract.Manolas has also been the interest of Itallian clubs,and with his uncle telling AEK they wont be rushing to sign any new contract,hard to see him staying beyond this tear as well,which really,is a crime.I read somewhere that in the past 5 years or so,AEK had transferred,close to 80 players to and from the club.Is there any wonder there’s no stability when you see stats like that.
    Anyway,hopefully we can finish the season strong,starting this Sunday,still plenty to play for.

  17. Chris Zap Says:

    Ha, just when i saw AEKMAN’s comment “con-Makris” now I read an article from Australia making the same reference, good article btw. Any one else going to the demo this Sunday at 3?

    Greek football is going to end up just like Greek basketball. Only two top contenders with the rest there just to form a league for the two top to compete in and get the money from Europe, ie UEFA for football and who ever for basketball. Goes to show you how much i know about basketball. At least as far as we know, its a lot cleaner than Greek football.

    To answer Peter’s question regarding the stadium. I have two ways to answer this, the serious way and the sarcastic way. I will start with the serious way. Look at it as an investment. We have to invest back in a stadium, we need our home, we need a proper football stadium, OAKA is non of the above. At Philadelphia we the fans will be right over the pitch, right over the opponent. The opponents will fear playing there just like every one fears playing at Toumba for example. A**holes like Nikopolidis will think twice about making funny gestures towards us. He wouldnt be able to get away with it and neither will the refs. At OAKA every one gets away with everything. The oppenent has no fear, and neither do the refs. Do you see how they shit their pants at Karaiskaki? Maybe Notias should have build the stadium first instead of the practice center 😉 My best AEK experience in my 4.5 years here was the game at Rizoupolis. It was incredible watching AEK play there. The fans created an awesome atmosphere, and it was quite something sitting right behind the AEK bench, listening to the players comments etc.

    Now, the sarcastic comment. Construction is the number one industry in Greece, whether legal or not. Or is govt? Anyways, you get the idea. The minute you mention construction, every potential investor comes out of the wood work. Why do you think Kozonis was interested? Same with Makris? They are thinking of how much money they can make out of creating such a complex. Why do you think Demis had so many business partners when he took over AEK. He promised them a stadium at the garbage dump N. Liossia where they can build it with a shopping complex, etc. As soon as it didnt materialize they jumped ship. Look at the Olympic games. They bankrupt the country yet many people, especially politicians became super rich. Now another x-minister is being investigated for embezzling 175 mil euros. Will the country ever see any of it back? Nope? Just like the 300 mil that was handed over as bribes with the purchase of the subs. Not sure how much the Siemens bribes are worth. Anyways, you get the idea. I should have gone into the Greek construction business 😉

  18. Chris Zap Says:

    PAOK’s fine was handed out today for their fan’s behaviour. A one game suspension plus a 250K euro fine.

    Speaking of fans, not sure who has the worst fans, us or them. I am refering to this, I imagine every AEK fan has heard of this by now. While two thousand of us were holding a peaceful demo at our holy grounds Nea Filadelphia, the other famous AEK group, the true fans as they like to call themselves, the ones that are presently destroying the team visited the team at their hotel and put them into taxis. They said to humiliate them just like they felt humiliated.

    The press hasnt stopped talking about it all day. Galatsis the AEK reporter from ERA sport was just on the air. He trully feels that AEK is finished as we know it. Which player is going to stick around after the end of this season? Scocco is history, Guirero will follow, so will Saja, more than likely Blanco. And its not just the players, what serious investor will come now after seeing all these? Management has lost control, the team is being ran by the losers called Originals. The ones that have so succesfully ran (to the ground) the basketball team for example. On the air today XX as he is known, (Hatzihristos) reminded us that it was today 43 years ago that AEK’s basketball team won the European championship. He is good with his history, if his group was running the team back them we wouldnt even have that event to look at amd remind us what a great franchise we were once. He also defended his action saying that AEK will win the cup and terminate second. How will that happen when the players play with such fear? Even yest, they were ready to attack Guirero when he scored. What the hell do they want? We lose, they attack the players, we score goals, they still want to attack the players. What the hell do they want? What’s their agenda? To take over the team? I said before, they have driven Melisanidis away, they have driven Demis away, Bajevits, now they are doing it to the present management. Lets not forget they scared two potential investors away when they visited Pappas at his office. The only ones (Pappas and Notias) that are keeping this team alive. The only ones that are continuing to pour millions of the own money int o the team. I dont see the Originals dumping any money into the team. All they are doing is complaining. Why dont they go after the investors that have jumped ship? Make them pay back some of the debt that they allowed Demis to accumulate cause they let him ran the team without any control. Imagine that, some very succesful enterpreneurs allow a football player to manage a team, carte blanche, who is to blame for that? The atmosphere yest was horrible at OAKA, the fans at gate 1 (which is normally closed but had been left open) were ready to go on a rampage, they were just waiting for something to ignite the gun powder. Not sure what finally did, most of the battles took place outside the stadium so we couldnt tell, I believe by the VIP section. Lots of tear gas been fired, all we could see was the flashes and hear the noise, it sounded like Anastasi, the night before Easter. Another huge fine is coming against AEK now, just in time for the playoffs. I heard on the radio that Melisanidis was been driven to the stadium but turned away cause he heard the atmosphere was very volatile. Thanks assholes.

    Anyways, maybe i am to negative, but i believe AEK as we know it is finished after April 30th. Regardless whether we get the cup and terminate second. There will be no team, nor management to go to CL.

  19. AEKARA 21 Says:

    …. Maybe the ‘Originals’ are owned by Kokalis. so close to C L… so crap its just getting worse. Perhaps they have trees in their back yard to grow the money on.

  20. aekman74 Says:

    I wanted to write about the game today but like the atmosphere in the stadium,i feel flat,even after victory.Honestly,what do these idiots want?I’m sure they have no idea about football as forcing our players to make their way to the ground in cramped in taxis is hardly the best preparation for a match against a team you’ll be facing in 3 weeks for a cup final.Ridiculous.Imagine if Atromitos got a late equaliser,which really they deserved.The zoo atmosphere is killing Greek Football,and more importantly AEK.Like i’ve said before,when will these people realise that the name AEK is above and beyond anyone and everyone.?? It’s getting to the point where it’s almost too late!

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