AEK wants prime minister to intervene in Greek soccer

The board of AEK has asked Greek prime minister Papandreou to take meaures to clean up the Super League. Adamidis wants Papandreou to end the supporters violence, corruption and accusations of fraude in the Greek topleague.

AEK chairman Adamidis thinks that Papandreou can play the same role as Margareth Thatcher did in the UK in the 1980’s. The Iron Lady managed to make an end at excessive violence in British soccer.

So we seem to take initiative to end all what is wrong in the Super League. Great! Hopefully it will also mean less crazy referee decisions against us.


9 Responses to “AEK wants prime minister to intervene in Greek soccer”

  1. Aekman74 Says:

    This link gives a detailed version of whats been happening lately,is anyone really surprised???Question is,will anyone be prosecuted or are these people untouchable?

    • Chris Zap Says:

      That is a good question, my thoughts exactly, and thats the feeling of the average Greek that has been sending SMSs to the local sports radio station. The other day who has been pushing this since day one (and was one of the first sites to receive a warning from Maridakis) and hasnt given up, gave a list of sports scandals in Greece and no one has gone to prison yet. Psomiadis (our mafioso president) who stole 13 mil euros from AEK was heading to prison, then on the way there checked into a hospital and was declared unfit to go to prison due to respiratory problems. When he checked out of hospital as a free man, he was smoking a cigar, in other words shoving it into our faces and showing to the world that he is untouchable (and look where he is now). He obviously had some one high up on his side who arranged all this. I dont know, is there not one honest prosecutor, judge, politician left in this country? Is every one on the take?

      UEFA has been sending files and files of fixed matches to EPO. What is happenning to these files? Nothing, shoved away in a drawer. A couple of years ago on a local TV show there was evidence of fixed matches, nothing then either. Now, nothing again. The entire world is watching this, they released one written statement stating that Greek football is clean. I think I heard the entire country laughing. They are still silent. Obviously they are busy trying to figure out how to clean their dirt before it makes it public.

      These people are not just stealing from us money wise, I am refering to us season ticket holders. Why are we bothering spending 800 euros in my case, when certain individuals had arranged who is going to win the championship from August. They are also playing with our emotions as supporters of our team. Why do we bother yelling, screaming, to support our team? How many points did they steal from AEK last year? At least 3 obvious games for sure we were robbed. And its not just that we lost 9 points, we lost twice as much cause the other team gained 3 per game. From October last year they made sure we were out of the championship.

      Anyways, i am watching all these but not holding my breath.

  2. Chris Zap Says:

    I just want to add another statement to the original post. Thatcher in my opinion had an easy job. She had one front to fight and that was hooliganism. It wasnt gambling, it was mafiosos, it wasnt men with tremendous amount of influence that can easily sway a politician. These men can be very dangerous and very persuasive in terms of votes and of course financial influence.

  3. I think you’re absolutely right Chris! Thatchers job was much easier. I hope someone’s gonna try for real now, and with succes. But there’s not enough international pressure by far. For example threaten toe exclude Greek clubs from international tournaments. If there is pressure like that, measures have to be taken.

    • Chris Zap Says:

      UEFA and Platini are the only ones that can put pressure on the greek league to clean up its act, but even them I dont trust.
      There was some interesting chat today at your local greek Kafeneion. One fellow was saying that he has a doctor client, this doctor has ties with the Panionios team. The doc was telling this guy to bet everything he had on a couple of games, he knew the outcome of those games and the guy was right. Another chat there was that Beos gave 5 mil euros to 7 PAO players during the game at OAKA. In the meantime he (Beos) placed bets in the Asian betting market and came away winning 18 mil, that 13 mil profit. I dont know how much of these is true, You hear a lot of stuff at the Kafeneion, however there is always some truth to it. Maybe the same has happened to our players, who the heck knows.
      Another rumour at the Kafeneion was that on March 25th Papandreou was going to declare the country bankrupt and that Greece was going to return to the drachma. I was ready to go and pull all my money out of the bank just to be on the safe side. However this morning we all woke to the news that Papandreou has renegotiated the greek debt.

      Last night on the greek sport internet sites, they were stating that Daloukas met Pilavios (after his court hearing) at a downtown lawyer’s office. This AM Pilavios released a statement saying that it wasnt true. Funny how quickly he realesed a statement this time.

      On the radio on the way into work this aft they were saying that they are hoping that the interest will not fade away with time. One reporter added that, thats why they are saving the 3rd tape, the one with major team owners involved.

      Anyways, the saga continues.

  4. Chris Zap Says:

    Today you will notice that guys like Blanco and Garcia will be playing without head bands. This was another announcement that EPO made last week, that head bands are illegal from now on. This caused a lot of reporters to wonder which planet EPO leaves on? Greek football is going through a crisis and they are spending time debating the use of head bands? Maybe they are competing with FIFA. FIFA no longer allows scarfes, so EPO decided since scarfes dont really apply here they may as well go with head bands ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Back to football now. Too many changes for today’s game which is making me very nervous. Enter and Argyriou are back in the line up. God help us.

  5. Chris Zap Says:

    Adamidis is upset that he is the only president that is speaking out against this. He said he knew he had quite a challenge dealing with AEK’s issues when he took over but didnt realise how bad this was. Since the begginning of the year he was throwing hints that things were not going well, that he was threatening of pulling AEK out of the league and he was told to shut up cause he is giving the league a bad name. He also said that he has been threatened from 3rd parties.
    He also said that this is keeping millions of fans away from the stadiums. Only 50K come out each weekend and stats prove that. In addition to fans staying out, so are major investors and sponsors. The interview is here but its all in Greek

  6. With all the crap happening in Greece and all the people suffering the way they are you would think that atleast in soccer the big names in Greece would find some peace,happiness and leave soccer a place where the people can all be free of their problems yet all we see is violence and bullshit there aswell,unfortunately money has changed the world and its changed soccer and its affected Greece for a long time yet UEFA hasnt done anything,Olympiakos’ ways to me seem worse than what Juventus did over the years in the Serie A yet still nothing happens in Greece,is it because they (UEFA) dont care about Greek soccer or is it because the big names in greece have too much money and control??

  7. thx for the updates Chris. Really helps to understand when your Greek sucks like mine does ๐Ÿ˜‰

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