Simply Not Enough

Everything leading up to kick off was looking good for us. We came off a solid away win over the weekend, PAOK stumbled at home, the atmosphere inside OAKA was fantastic, Vierinha would not be playing… how could our players not take advantage of the prime opportunity to nail a few past our rivals!

Some players deserve some credit for today however there are many who simply didn’t pull their weight on the pitch or failed to contribute anything worthwhile to the match. Jimenez will probably also recieve some criticism (for leaving Blanco off till later, not getting Michel in sooner perhaps…) though with the performance of some players such as Scocco and Baha, there is really only so much blame the coach can take…

Scocco…. I really do not want to see him start for a while. AEKMAN74 suggested leaving him as a sub till later in the game for the next match and I would have to agree (depending on how the score is going). He refused to distribute well today when he had the chance, held on for far too long and simply failed to produce much of anything worthwhile. Same goes for  Baha… I would rather have seen Blanco on from eariler.

Libe also did not play as important a role as I would have liked to have seen. He didn’t provide much of an attacking threat and his passing was not as effective as usual. However, Libe being the living legend that he is, will never receive a negative word from me… the guy is not getting any younger, has played many games already this season, and has already contributed more than many others on the team…

Burns was probably our most dangerous player going forward… made many runs with his speed and was almost always involved in every attack from the right. He keeps on impressing me and I hope to see this keep up.

Our midfield did its job for the most part. We controlled the middle of the pitch for most of the match while PAOK simply sat back (as we were all expecting). We were poor when they countered (however the defense can also take the blame for that) but other than that I feel our midfield did what was needed of it.

Our defense was shaky at times. They weren’t pressured often but almost every time they were led to PAOK coming very close to scoring. Thankfully Saja was alert today.

As for the match itself, what can I say. We controlled things really however our attack was simply not producing. Papa Bouba however hit the cross bar twice from corners though really those were probably our two best chances of the match. PAOK also received two red cards yet despite playing with two more players we simply could not break through and get the ball in the net. Sure, the ref didn’t call a penalty for us, and the extra time was far too short, but we have nobody to blame for this result but ourselves.

We go to Toumba with a 0-0. At least we didn’t concede. In reality, this PAOK team is very much for the taking. We get one goal and things could very well go our way. I certainly never expected PAO to show up and score three against us, but they did, and nothing is stopping us from doing the same.

We face PAOK again this weekend at OAKA for the Championship. Im praying for a win here… not since December of last year have we won at home!

Also, our handball won an important league match today bringing us one step closer to the Championship! Well done guys!!


6 Responses to “Simply Not Enough”

  1. Chris Zap Says:

    We havent won since Dec 12th to be exact. Going to 3 months now. Jimenes received plenty of critism today from the AEK press. He didnt even take Guirero with him yesterday. I am starting to question his rotation strategy.

    I dont have much to say about the game, you covered it well. However I am going to report once againt about our famous Original fans and their behaviour. Once again they made us proud. I expect this behaviour from Gate 7 fans not Gate 21 fans.
    I am talking about their lack of respect during the game’s minute of silence for the fallen cops of the night before. For those of you that dont know, two nights ago police officers on bikes responded to a robbery. A chase begun, the robbers were trapped, they opened fire with their machine guns against the cops pistols. Over 100 bullets were fired tearing into the cops, 2 dead, 1 seriously injured and 1 lightly. The dead were 22 and 23 years old, making 800 euros a month. During the minute of silence the punks that sit on gate 2 continued with their cacophony of comments, noise etc. The rest of us started booing them. I dont care whether you like or respect cops or not. These were dead humans, families were mourning for them. Show your respect. I dont know or understand what kind of human beings these people are. Another sad sign of the future greek society. Some sights mentioned this event, some journalists commented on the greek radio and showed their disgust. But i noticed that did not mention it what so ever. I guess they are too busy looking out for celebrating ballboys.

  2. alexaek Says:

    I couldn’t believe we didn’t see Roger either. He’s played really good recently, especially against Ergotelis, and we certainly could have used his creativity yesterday. We simply could not break them down any other way.

    Absolutely disgusting from the Originals. I’d like to think it wasn’t all of them at least, but who knows. Im disgusted to see anyone who would do that support AEK.

    • Chris Zap Says:

      No it wasnt the entire stand, you could see who was creating the noise.

      I dont know how or what Jimenes is thinking. Every one is starting to question his decisions? We beat Ergotelis without Lybe, Dellas, Diop, Jiahtis and some other top guns in crappy conditions. Blanco should have started against PAOK, end of story, no ifs and buts unless he wasnt healthy and that was not the case. Baja still needs to lose a few pounds. Blanco has a tradition of scoring against PAOK. Also stats show that he is most effective when he starts the game. From his 72 goals that he has scored so far, 67 came when he started the game (
      We also dont know whats going on with Leonardo. He has disappeared from the roster.

  3. Chris Zap Says:

    I have a good feeling for tomorrow night’s game. PAOK is starting to feel the wear and tear of being the greek team that has played the most games this season. I think 40 so far? They have a small roster, smaller than AEK, with 15 basic players. For this game they have a lot of absences either due to injuries or cards.
    Jimenes is looking at a 4-4-2 with Blanco and Scocco up front. Guirero behind. I assume Diop will play who was quite solid during the last game. Lybe was doubtful but is ready now. Anyways, fingers crossed, we just might get that win at last at OAKA which will put us solidly into 3rd place.
    Btw, talk up north is that the League doesnt want PAOK into the final cause they dont want 30K commandos (as they call them) visiting Athens at once. They came with this excuse due to the officiating from the last game. I think its bull. If they wanted to finish PAOK off they would have done it with Oly up north. After all they didnt spent 400K euros keeping PAOK fans away from Toumba for nothing.
    One of the sports papers ( is commenting that UEFA is getting a little tired of Greece, with its suspicious fixed games, suspicious refs, owners, fan fanaticism which is quite extreme, etc. Lets see if they will finally get involved and put a stop to this mickey mouse league.
    Also the comments that former international ref Mr. Vorias made is causing quite a stir here and the fellow is not giving up. A tape will be released soon with familiar voices in it. Lets see what happens there as well.

  4. gtmanleg Says:

    Looks like your good feeling played out nicely.

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