Is There Any Hope Left?

I seriously wonder sometimes… if it wasn’t for what our badge stands for and some of the legends that have worn our shirt, why would any of us bother even paying the slightest attention to this joke of a league. I’m referring specifically to yesterday’s derby between Oly and PAO though also our match today as well as yesterday’s match between Tripolis and Kerkyra. Its been a while since such a clear reminder of how much of a joke our league really is has been sent to us fans (at least those not with red glasses distorting their view). There has even been talk of PAO considering leaving the league, or forming a league of their own and I for one would be completely for such a move (however unrealistic and unlikely it may be at the moment). Aside from Oly’s B teams (Panionios, Xanthi, Oly Volou), many teams would benefit from such a move since it is clear as day that NOTHING will ever change with our league as long as pigs such as Marinakis are still involved.

Yesterday’s match was a disgrace with a handball from Torosidis in the box not given as a penalty, a perfectly legit goal to give PAO a 2-1 lead ruled for offside, and an illegal goal in many ways scored by that other pig Djebbour in extra time giving Oly the win and sealing their championship. In addition, a number of Oly supporters stormed the pitch and physically attacked a number of PAO players including Cisse and Simao. At half time and after the match, more hooligan like behavior witnessed, this time coming right from Superleague PRESIDENT, Marinakis (less than a week after Beos’ pathetic comments towards Larissa). How will our league ever advance in any way with thugs such as Marinakis, Beos, Psomiadis, and Co running things… whether its their unbelievably obvious influence they have off the pitch or their incredibly childlike attitude, it is obvious that no progress will ever be made towards improving our league… if anything, this weekend has confirmed the worst, and it will only be a matter of time before things get worse, and quickly.

Now, I mentioned yesterday’s match between Kerkyra and Tripolis. Why I mention it was because of the following video. Even for those who don’t understand much Greek, or any at all, the confusion coming from the commentator’s voice is painfully obvious.

Right… so the Kerkyra player gets taken down in the box and it should be awarded a penalty, correct? The Tripolis keeper receives a yellow card, yet the ref goes on to give a yellow to the Kerkyra player (his second of the match in fact, leading to his red). Why? Diving? Yet the ref still awards the penalty… even the commentator is left wondering who recieved the cards and for what reason…

Now, as many of you have noticed, neither myself or AEKMAN74 commented on our 3-1 loss to PAO last weekend. It was a terrible match in every way. A terrible offside was given on Blanco with the score 2-1 in PAO’s favour. However, Blanco was onside considerably and had the offside not been called he would have been 1 0n 1 with the PAO keeper. Now, aside from poor officiating, AEK simply looked terrible at the match. We played with no intent at all (aside from a brief 20 minute spell in the second where we applied considerable pressure) and our defending was atrocious at times.

As for today’s match… again, we looked terrible. We managed to score a goal late in the first half thanks to Libe (again, what will we do once he retires at the end of the season?) however the goal was canceled out almost 45 minutes later when, Mitroglou of all people, score the equalizer with very little time remaining (and, of course, the assist came from another player on loan from Olympiakos, Galitsios). Riera should have been sent off after he pushed Kafes from behind (when neither had the ball near them if I remember correctly), yet apparently all four officials, including the linesman who should have been near the two at the time, happened to miss it? I find it quite unlikely, but who knows anymore…

Aside from poor officiating though (also, Ill remind you that this match was played behind closed doors), as I said, we looked terrible. No attacking intent at all for the entire first half, we could not get plays together, there was very little sense of structure within the team, and we simply could not create. Also, Im starting to get very tired of seeing Scocco play, ever since his contract extension was signed. I much rather would have seen Leo or Burns start today… what they lack in skill compared to Scocco they would have made up for today with their speed or… simply trying to do something, anything, to get an attack together.

I know we can complain about the officiating today, however I would like to point out that both Manolas and Karabelas were lucky not to recieve more than just a yellow card today. They were both involved in some very dangerous plays a number of times, and while I dont mind seeing that, I think they got off easier than they could have.

Overall, its a shame we couldn’t get the 3 points today. To be honest, I dont care how ugly it would have been, I just wanted a win to help keep Panionios close to the relegation zone and us as high as we can in time for the play offs. I believe it is now for games in which we have not won a match at home, and if I understood correctly, the last time we have beaten Panionios was 2009? I could be wrong, but thats disgusting if true.

I do apologize for the unorganized post, but Im simply starting to lose my patience with everything going on, either with AEK or the league in general.

Also, some more terrible news for us AEK supporters. It seems our Basketball team, a team which was once the team that made Greece most proud, the first Greek team to win a European trophy, will be playing next season in the 2nd divisioin. Words simply cannot describe what a shame this is to see.


7 Responses to “Is There Any Hope Left?”

  1. What can I say? The officiating and the league itself is disgusting. The reds celebrate a result like that? I say it is a result on paper only they were given another game. Proof of the quality of the league is evident in European competitions.
    Marinakis is a pig with no shame, as are the hooligans who support that team. I would love to see a hard salary cap in the league. Maybe then things would get better. Anyway I still hope for the cup.

  2. You just wrote my thoughts! Greek superleague is burdello, and u know what marinakis and beos do in this burdello… But still i love AEK

  3. AEKBaltimore Says:

    The league is hopelessly corrupt. Worse, we all know it. Worse even, we’ve all known it for quite some time. We keep following because we love our club, the badge, the history, the heroes that came before. And we keep hoping things will get better. But they won’t. The league officials and the feckless club owners are going to doom the league and Greek football in general to amateur obscurity. The only ray of light is watching Europe’s finest clubs try to break down Aris at home, but even that is too little to keep our interest in the long-term.

  4. Ok, you guys ready for a long reply? I am off this week so i have lots of time on my hands.

    First of all, its been a hell of a weekend, since Saturday night things have been hot and it hasnt stopped yet.
    -We had the referees at Karaiskaki,
    -followed by the hooligans.
    -We had one fan stubbed at Monastitaki,
    -we had the demonstrations infront of the country’s public tv station which is a huge red supporter (greek taxpayers money at work), 10 mil they give to Oly every year for the TV rights
    -we had the bombing at the Super League’s office, the name is a bit of a joke, there is nothing Super about it. Maybe it should be called the sad league, or the fixed league
    -at 1:15 this AM we had the attack at Torosidi’s house, thrown molotov and damaged cars
    -forgot to mention that the side ref was attacked at the Kerkyra airport when he returned back to Kerkyra

    Did you notice that there were no wins during yesterday’s games? Even Iraklis was awarded a bogus penalty. Every game ended in a tie. The refs are shitting their pants and its sad in a way cause in this league, they have no protection, no fan clubs, nothing. No wonder they are armed. Anyways, as Akis Zikos once said, the refs at Karaiskaki shit their pants and they sure did Saturday night. Dont forget, Akis got penalised for saying that. Did the asshole by the name of Mitroglou get anything for lowering his shorts when he scored against PAO? no, the league bought his story that his shorts were lose!! Bullshit. An Oly fan throws a coin at a ref (same side ref as Sat night, Trifonas, maybe thats why he was scared). A team will get penalised if they touch a ref, did they get a game with no fans? no, a 20K euro fine. Mind you, their great lawyer Mr. Gagatsis argued that it happened during stoppage time and it didnt affect the outcome of the play. The league bought that great argument, after all, it came from one of their own. Cisse made a nasty comment when we advanced to the quarter finals and they didnt, he got nothing cause his comments werent directed against the league, they were directed at his feelings. Havos, PAOK’s coach, a church going man, a very quiet, well liked man, made one comment to the ref during that cup game against Oly and he got two months. What justice!!

    I am on a roll now. The whole thing didnt have to turn out that way. Maridakis (notice i called him Maridakis instead of Marinakis), was simply adding fuel to the fire and has been since Sat night. He and a lot of gavros fans that I spoke with today, still feel that throughout the season have been treated unfairly. Can you believe the propaganda they have been fed to actually believe that!!

    A lot has been written, a lot has been said (but this country is known for its talk and no action). PAO said they will take all their evidence and send it to UEFA, including pictures that the players took using their cells. Cisse said he will file his own complain to UEFA? I am hoping that Platini will take his fellow country man seriously and do something.

    Will the Greek government do something? Pls, let me take a breather while i break out into laughter. I am still laughing but i will continue with my reply. Has the greek government ever cleaned itself? why will it clean greek football. Has anyone in teh greek govt been charged with corruption? There have been scandals, after scandals, the Vatopedi scandal, the Siemens, the submarine scandal. Here is a minister, who entered politics with only an Opel to his name, now has over 100 properties, a millionaire (not bad for a socialist) and still going around free. I had no idea greek politics paid so well. And thats just a few examples. As i said before, greek politics dont want to stop this, they would rather see people take out their frustrations at the football stadiums then in front of Syntagma square smashing every thing in site. Its funny how all these unemployed youth have money to attend football games, to pay for gas for their mopeds and their molotovs, and lets not forget their drugs. Anyways, what’s happenning with greek football is a mirror image of greek society, sad but true.
    People like Maridaki should act a little more responsibly. He is a billionaire, money left behind from his father. I would assume he was educated at some of the best schools abroad, not greek schools obviously. He does not need the money from football, he has plenty of his own. Where are his advisers?
    Unlike greek journalists who love this stuff and feed off it. I was walking in the Plaka today, every second person was holding a green or red paper (i left my yellow paper at home). These papers love this material, they will exploit it all week and they do add fuel to the fire. In a country of 11 million people there are 12 sports papers, just sports. I think we have one sport paper in Canada that comes out weekly and its called the Hockey News, we also have Sports Illustrated, the American version of course πŸ˜‰

    I am not really done my rant but thats enough for now. I just want to make a couple of more comments.

    I want to thank PAE AEK for allowing myself and my daughter to watch the game live yest. They made special arrangements for us. I explained to them that we are leaving Greece this summer,, that we love AEK (despite the -26 points), that we dont miss any home games. We cut our holidays short to be at OAKA to watch a game once. We returned one August afternoon from Halkidiki and drove straight to OAKA to watch a European game. I have only missed one game in my 4 + years back here and I dont see why i should miss a game cause of a bunch of dysfunctional youths. I left Greece when i was 10, i have missed dozens and dozens of AEK games, i did not plan on missing them while i was here. I look forward to every Sunday to attend a game, even if its OAKA, we are one of the 6 – 7K die hards that have remained behind at OAKA to support the team. Every game is precious to us knowing that we only have a few left to watch. Anyways, as the saying goes, AEK sta efkola, AEKara sta diskola. Once again, Thanks PAE AEK for being understanding and for the special arrangements.

    Second comment before i finish this reply. This man deserves congratulations for his ethics, his morals. His name is Sakis Tsiolis, Oly Volou coach. He was disgusted by what he witnessed yest and had enough. He witnessed his boss (another fat pig of greek football), team owner Beos (I will not put Mr. infront of that cause he is not) slap one of his players cause it was thanks to him that Iraklis was awarded the penalty (god knows how much buddy lost betting). Today he announced his resignation. Tsiolis team was heading for the cup final, they have the momentum, the players, his coaching skill. He could have easily have kept quiet, ignore the entire situation and hoped to win the cup to add that to his resume. Instead he announced his resignation
    Needless to say the entire town of Volos is upset, every one is cursing Beos, they had enough of him, they are going around putting stickers telling him to stop been an employee of Oly Piraeus (see link). There are a few good men still left in Greece, that still have some dignity left. Btw, rumours have it that he will be Jimenez replacement if he leaves this summer.

    Thank you for reading πŸ˜‰

  5. Chris, thank you for this quote,

    “Will the Greek government do something? Pls, let me take a breather while i break out into laughter. I am still laughing but i will continue with my reply.”

  6. We arrived in Greece about 4.5 years ago. That fall a group of Oly and PAO fans had a rendesvous at Spata. It was a typical greek fall aft, sunny, mild. The fans met with one thing in mind, to clash. They did clash, huge street fight, one PAO fan died, of course he is a martyr now. There was a lot of talk back then, they did what greeks do so well, talks went on for ever, every one had an opinion, all sorts of expert talking heads appeared on TV then. There were promises of dismantling organised groups, they promised electronic seating where the authorities will know who is seating where (good luck with that, no one seats at their assigned seat in a greek event), they promised foreign refs, they promised to turn on CCTV in stadiums. Something that greeks dont approve of cause they see it as big brother watching, but its ok to destroy public property or to hurt others. As i mentioned before, i have inhaled tear gas thanks to these idiots, how do i know what effect this tear gas will have on my health? It makes no difference to them cause they all smoke anyways πŸ˜‰ Nikolaidis tried to make a change and we all know what happened to Demis thanks to the organised fans.

    Anyways, how much do you guys wanna bet that nothing will happen once again, there will be no change. Oly and PAO will meet to discuss, they will kiss and hug and share the wealth the CL has to offer once again. Where was PAO when our championship was stolen from us 2008? They finished 2nd and went ahead to CL. Now they want to join forces to take down Maridakis. Will see.

    Another rant of the day πŸ˜‰

  7. Hey everyone. Below is a comment my father (Chris Z) was trying to put up. For some reason, the site wouldn’t let him post the comment so I pasted it below. If anyone else is having trouble posting comments, send me an email to let me know.

    Suspensions were handed out today by the Super League’s (I still cant get used to calling it that) disciplinary board. Keep in mind that the disciplinary board is made up of lawyers from the various teams, ie: an x-lawyer of Kokkali sits on that board. Its basically an old boys club designed to protect the same teams they are disciplining, in other words PAO lawyers bargain with Oly lawyers, you get the picture. And the money they get from the fines they distribute back to the teams at the end of the season.

    Speaking of lawyers, the architect of the “hartino” as they call it here went to play some football yest and he was verbally abused by about 30 people that were there waiting for him. After about 10 minutes of taking the abuse he gave up and the left the grounds, yes you guessed it, Gagatsis,

    1) Riera – Panionios argued that he really shouldnt be punished. They argued that the ref really did see him but didnt blow the whistle, therefore it was nothing. They argued that he was actually falling and his arm went up towards Kafe in the form of a fist. Since it wasnt on the refs notes, the ref didnt call anything, and evidence cant be used from a video (UEFA rule), the player does not deserve to be punished. On the way out Riera was joking that he may get one or two. Anyways, a first for the disciplinary board, they accepted the video as evidence and gave him a 3 game suspension Panionio will appeal it.

    2) Torosidis got a three game suspension plus two more cause he is the captain, he is still relaxing up in Xanthi btw,

    3) I saved the best for last, Oly was almost declared innocent. The team got one game with out fans, plus 140K euro fine. Thats right, one game. They blamed the press for exagurating the events. The board did not judge the entire night as one complete package but decided to break it up instead. Oly argued that the PAO players provoked Oly fans by taking their time to enter the change room, and that they (PAO players) were actually hitting Oly fans. They showed video footage of that ( I actually believe its called self defence, just like Nikopolidis performing a karate kick against a PAOK fan. Anyways, what do i know, i am not a lawyer. They called the whole thing an isolated incident, their hospitality was great right up to the 90 minutes or until the game ended. So, one game for Oly. Excellent defence boys. Thats why they pay you the big bucks. As you can see, nothing has changed. They got fined 40K more than us. We didnt touch any players, simply attacked a bunch of cops and we got basically the same fine as them. Why do we bother with this league, why do i bother with season tickets?

    Next week Maridakis will be summoned to the board to have his wrist slapped πŸ˜‰

    And now, finally some good news. Beos is looking for a new owner for Oly Volous. Good riddance, people like you will not be missed from this league and pls take the other two pigs with you, you know who they are. Lamogia. Oust kai asto diaolo.

    PAS Ioanina got two games with no fans and a 100K fine cause 1 (ONE) fan jumped the fence and hit the goalie (a point radio commentators were making).

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