Up… and then back down again.

The roller coaster ride that has been AEK this season continues yet again, this time as a result of a 2-1 home loss to Aris (only the 3rd time Aris has beaten us at home).

It wasn’t all bad for me personally as I felt there were some positives to take from the game including some nice football we were playing, particularly in the first half. However, the defence, as well as Jimenez’s decisions, will probably take most of the blame for the loss.

We started with Arabatzis in nets today. I’m not sure if Saja was being given a break but I feel his absence was noticed. However, I dont feel that goalkeeping was the biggest issue considering the defense should have handled both goal scoring situations for Aris better. From individual viewpoints, I felt both Manolas and Mateos did well but our defense overall was far too unorganized and vulnerable at times. Argyriou and Dadomo (though I did feel Dadomo had a few good moments) were both simply not good enough and if you ask me I personally would still like to see Georgeas get more game time

Offensively we weren’t too bad. The ball was being moved around and off the ball movement was smooth and co-ordinated. Both Roger and Mateo impressed me at times however who stood out most on our wings was Burns. His speed was put to good use today and he was looking very strong on the ball… unfortunately, I still can’t say the same for Scocco and it seems I havent been able to say that of him ever since he signed his contract extension.

Blanco looked good when he was up front today as his goal shows however we still lack severely up front without Libe’s presence. In fact, I thing its safe to say that AEK was not the same today without Dellas and Libe on the pitch… they bring character and leadership to the when she plays, something that many of the most talented players can’t even bring to a team.

Papa Bouba, Baja, and Gentz were our substitutes today though I must say that Baja impressed me most. He looked very dangerous and I think if he gets enough game time he become quite a threat.

We managed to take control for much of the match in the first period and we were coming close on a number of occasions such as a missed header by Mateos and a good opportunity for Burns however, something gave me the feeling that if we werent to score quickly Aris would take advantage and that is exactly what they did in the 29th minute.

Blanco managed to get the score even at the 51st minute mark with a nice finish though it was not enough for us and once again, our failing to score saw us punished by Aris who scored in the 75th to put them up 2-1.

You know, the more I watch the video the more I think Arabatzis really could have done better on both goals unfortunately…

Christos Kostis was honored at the match today.


13 Responses to “Up… and then back down again.”

  1. What a shame. Ihoped for a better result. Now is the time to start playing more consistent and finish strong.

  2. Our players felt bad too, they felt so bad afterwards that they went out partying. They still dont get it, what jersey they are wearing. Three of them were seeing at a bar, and two of those three were playing that night. And one of them, one that has quite a nice contract complains that its been 6 months since he got paid.
    Anyways, this time around the coach is being blamed for his choice of players. He said he wanted to relax some of the guys. I can understand relaxing Lybe and Dellas but there is no need to relax Karabellas, he is 25, he can take it. Kafes played for 50 minutes on Wed. Was he too tired to play Sat night? Argyriou just is not ready yet to help us out. What is wrong with Koutromanos? Besides we are not playing in the Spanish or Premier league, this is the Greek league. Our guys dont ran that much 😉
    Anyways, there are a few players that shouldnt be playing at all, despite the size of their contracts. Finish them now, get them off the team and get them to look for a new team.

  3. they complain we dont have enough players BULLSHIT! what about koutromanos how bad could he be! we played him in 2008-2009 and he is better then argyriou and jahic! what about pavlis he was released and he didnt even prove himself this year!

  4. I saw the game and must say we just werent creative enough.I think Manolas and Mateos could form something good at the back thats if they are given the chance on a weekly basis.The middle wasntbad but wasnt the best either,Burns was best by far.As for the goals we conceeded they wre very soft,the firstwas really bad reading and the second I think Arabatzis couldve done much better with that effort.

    In the end I kind of expected us to lose as its become a habit of AEK lately to beat a big team get hopes high then straight back down with a soft loss like that.Anyway theres always next week lets see what that holds for us fans…..

  5. Chris Zap Says:

    I think next week AEK is going to let PAO win so they can close the gap from first place. Oly is playing Aris on Sat. Oly has a hard time this year with competitive teams and teams that are not part of its alliance. Than again, it doesnt really have anything to worry about cause it has the refs on its side 😉 I say a penalty is going to awarded to Oly and they will win by a score of 1-0.

  6. Chris Zap Says:

    Some interesting Dellas stats http://www.aek365.gr/a-104199/den-kerdizei-xwris-della.htm without him we have only won one game this year and that was against Xanthi.
    The other day George Galatsis (era sport) was saying that in the last 10 games that Dellas played, 8 of the 10, we had 0 scored against us, in one game there was 1 goal against us and on another game two.

  7. its a worrying fact because they are 35 and are about to retire. without them things go bad

  8. Speaking of them two, a day after the PAO game. Of the players that played, they were the only ones that volunteerly went to practice today. The rest didnt show up. They are the leaders of that team, professionals, the rest are a bunch of kids http://www.aek365.gr/a-105123/ksana-paradeigma-oi-dellas-lumpe.htm

  9. So, none of you guys commented on the PAO game eh 😉 its alright, lets forget about it and hope for some good news tomorrow against Nionios.

  10. Haha, yeah, I didn’t want to even go there, thought it was just better to leave it behind us.

    I really hope we kill these guys tomorrow!!

  11. Did you guys watch the joke of a derby that was tonight? What a joke, once again the refs shitted their pants at Karaiskaki as Akis Zikos once said. Keep in mind Akis got penalised for saying that. Olympiakos boy Mitroglou got nothing when he dropped his pants a few weeks ago.

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