AEK wants Karim Soltani to reinforce offense

Jimenez wants Iraklis striker Karim Soltani to strenghten the AEK offense, reports French newspaper Le Buteur. The 26 year old Frenchman came to Iraklis at the beginning of this season from ADO Den Haag (The Hague) and signed a one year contract.

Soltani never meant to stay very long with Iraklis. Earlier this month he said: “I’ve signed a one year contract and would like to move a level up here in Greece”. Due to his one year contract selling Solani now is Iraklis only option to get some money for him.

Soltani played in The Netherlands since 2005, first for VVV Venlo and later for ADO Den Haag, both clubs that had to struggle to stay in the Dutch top league. Found some footage of him already in the right club colours 😉


3 Responses to “AEK wants Karim Soltani to reinforce offense”

  1. I hope Djebbour and Blanco sing new contract so we dont need Soltani!! I want Moras and Maniati!!!

  2. Yes, hopefully they both sign!! Having said that, I’ve heard good things about Soltani, but haven’t seen too much of him.

  3. Bringing him in would be great as we need fresh faces added to our squad.I would like to see Blanco and/or Djebbour re-sign but in saying that Djebbour at times is way too much of a selfish player and Blanco can be hot and cold so a new striker will only put more pressure on them to perform.I hope Jimenez brings us a few other players as we are desperate for defenders and also another midfielder with abit of style and flair would be good as Scocco is playing well but he honestly cant do it all on his own and he needs someone else helping and creating chances for the team.

    Lets hope the new year brings better results for AEK as our first few games coming up are against teams we really should be beating….

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