AEK to lose Burns for 1 month……

AEK’S Australian International Nathan Burns will be leaving Greece shortly to join up with the Australian team,as they prepare for the 2011 Asian Cup in Qatar.He will be missing for approximately 1 month as Australia are one of the favourites and are expected to do well in this tournament.
Burns had this to say about his time at AEK,to an Australian website:-“This is shaping as a very good season for me,” Burns said shortly after helping AEK crush Larissa 4-0 away in a Greek Cup game.”I’ve taken part in every league game so far, most of them as a starter so I am very much in the coach’s plans.
“I’m playing on the right wing at the moment but I sometimes drift to the left to keep defenders on their toes.
“Wing play is hard but I’m enjoying it because there is more room on the flanks and I can use my speed and dribbling skills, which is probably why they want me to play there.
“However if you play as an out-and-out striker you tend to score more goals.
“The new coach (Manuel Jimenez, the former Sevilla boss who replaced Dusan Bajevic three months ago) has given me a lot of confidence. He’s probably one of the best coaches I have ever worked with and I’m improving. “I’ve played my best football in the Europa League and we were in with a chance of qualifying for the next phase until the last game but we lost to a very good Zenit St Petersburg team.
“Playing on this stage is a big honour for a footballer”.
Good luck Nathan,hopefully you return a better player still and start banging in some goals for AEK!

3 Responses to “AEK to lose Burns for 1 month……”

  1. Management offered him as a loaner along with cash for Maniatis from Panionios but Jimenez refuses to let him go.

  2. They want to give leonardo free and 400k for maniatis -.-

  3. Chris Zap Says:

    Panionios new president is a business partner with Marinakis, so unfortunately Panionios has become very RED once again. With Lemonis behind the bench and the new president, all the deals are taking place with Marinakis. They are not giving any one else a chance. So, unless the player puts up a fight, he is going to Oly, according to the AEK papers Maniatis has been an AEK fan since birth.
    But then again, i am very hesitant with making any deals with Panionios, what maybe a good player for Panionios doesnt mean they can make it in AEK. Look at some past examples. Even Djebour with his attitude, its all over today’s headlines that on New Year’s Day practice he threatened to beat up the coach. Obviously he is looking for a way out.

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