Larissa – AEK 0-4!

We got a good win in the Greek Cup, 0-4 at Larissa. Didn’t see a lot of the game due to a bad stream and something called work. Did get the goals for you though. First one came from Blanco, Georgeas scored the second, Djebbour the third just after he got into a couple of unfriendly confrontations with some opponents (what a way to react) and finally Manolas made it 0-4.
At the end of the game our players had to run off the court because Larissa fans were throwing all kinds of fireworks on the pitch.


3 Responses to “Larissa – AEK 0-4!”

  1. Thanks for getting a post up!

    Poor quality stream for me also šŸ˜¦ But from what I could get from the match the result did make us look better than we were really, considering Larissa were a very poor side today. Still, we did control the game for the most part, scored the chances we had (considering how poor we were up front against Zenit, this is a very comforting though) and we got the job done. Thankfully we advance… anything but a win would have seen some very angry fans back in Athens.

    Great to see Djebbour score not long after coming on and only his second game back from injury. And it was fantastic to see Georgeas score! Good for him, he deserves it (I was actually very happy with his performance all around), and he said before he would not retire before scoring a goal. Glad to see it finally happen for him after so long.

    I was quite happy with Scocco today, dangerous, moving around, seemed to be into the game.

    Overall a great result. Against another team things could have gone differently, but that doesn’t matter. At least we go into the Christmas break with positive spirits. Both Oly and Pao just barely managed narrow one goal victories in their matches (PAO beating Trikala, I believe, 3-2 and Oly beating Tripolis 0-1 with a late goal). Maybe we can take the cup this season after so many years with no silverware. I know its still early but right now its ours for the taking in my opinion!

  2. Georgeas – ta fita stin Kalamata einai oraia šŸ˜‰

    a littkle song the Originals sing every time Georgeas is on the pitch.

    I say sell Scocco and give the difference to Djebour and Blanco.


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