Iraklis 2 AEK 0

AEK’S trip north turned into a nightmare once again for the fans who traveled.Another very poor 1st half,not one chance created,poor passing and movement and a lack of urgency.Iraklis scored through a corner when Manolas lost his man.Inexperienced defending1
The 2nd half saw us push further forward,looking for an equalizer.Don’t understand why we couldn’t start like that in the 1st,but for all the possession we had,once again,few if any clear cut chances.
There are players on the field who should not be in an AEK jersey.Plain and simple.Won’t mention names but if you have been following closely lately,there’s not many who can claim that they should be an AEK player.
Let’s forget this game as quickly as possible.All players are on notice,January transfer window just around the corner.Hopefully something can fire the team up for our trip to Larisa and the cup game against the locals Thursday night.


2 Responses to “Iraklis 2 AEK 0”

  1. Tiberious Gracchus Says:

    its getting depressing…just need to stay positive and to make matters worse Olympiakos were the only ‘big’ team to win at the weekend…

  2. Keep in mind Olympiakos had no European games this week unlike the other three (I am not even going to talk about PAO, they are a lost cause). Its obvious the greek teams dont have the roster to support play in three different leagues, the regular greek league, the UEFA league and the greep cup league.
    But still thats not an excuse, it was a horrible game. We have the worst away record this year in a 10 year period, mathces that of Panseraikos.
    I saw a friend the other night who told me his relatives saw Scocco that night at Antonis Remos bouzoukia joint. Remos is a very popular bouzouki singer and previous president of Iraklis. Obviously Scocco was not feeling anything about that loss, or maybe he went to drink his sorrows away 😉

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