Half Time AEK 0-1 Zenit

Heartbreaking, to say the least! After a 45 minutes dominated by AEK, great support from our fans, lovely football, what do we get?? A missed penalty by Blanco and a counter attack goal for Zenit. To be honest I can’t really describe what I feel right now… maybe a little anger, disappointment. And to make matters worse Anderlecht are winning 2-0 (no surprise there) which means we must score a goal, otherwise the round of the 32 will be nothing but a dream for us. PAOK and Aris have already advanced, but it looks like it will be a difficult task for us to do the same.

We can’t give up hope yet though, we played some very nice football in the first and could have easily been up by a goal or two had we been a bit tighter in the box… we can do this!! FORZA AEKARA!!!


2 Responses to “Half Time AEK 0-1 Zenit”

  1. 😦 2-0….

  2. Really disappointed in this result and of course Anderlecht wins. Not surprising, but really disappointed. Ugh.

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