Half Time AEK 1-0 Larissa

Half time and were up 1-0 thanks to a… you guessed it… goal by Zorro! He’s back!

Pretty dull performance by us. I wouldn’t say we were playing poor out there, but we really need to lift things up if we’re gonna hope for a result against St.Petersburg this week. Scocco and Leo had good opportunities in front of goal which resulted in little.

Referee has, from what I’ve been seeing, calling way too much! Not that this is anything new in our league, but we can’t touch a player today without getting a foul!

1-0 is nothing to settle on just yet when facing Larissa, they’ve looked a little dangerous the times they made it into our box, and unless we score more the game will go either way.

Oly is leading at half time and guess what, another penalty for them. Haven’t seen the play yet so it could be a fair call but I really wonder how many penalties this team is going to receive this season.


2 Responses to “Half Time AEK 1-0 Larissa”

  1. At this point we have to be playing for 3rd barring some major changes with the top teams, but after the start we’ve had this year, that would be great.

  2. Of course we are going to finish 3rd. The other two will get pushed. Another penalty for the gavroi. PAO is playing like crap tonight in Tripoli just like they have been playing most of their games so far this season, yet, look where they are. And i am sure Kakos will help them tonight.
    Kalopoulos tried to slaughter us tonight but we answered back with 3 goals in the last 10 minutes. The team of 2008 is back 🙂
    Kalopoulos received a lot of cursing tonight from us, i hardly have a voice left and it was a cold night which doesnt help the throat, he even kicked out our coach.
    Anyways, lets hope we carry on like this Thursday night.
    As for the other two, i really want to see the gavroi in 2nd place so we can send them back to 5th, where they belong and they can play football in July while the rest of us are enjoying the beach. And if there is justice, maybe another Jewish team can eliminate them again 😉

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