AEK 4-0 Larissa

Lovely 4-0 score, Blanco (twice), Libe, and DELLAS all on the scoreboard, such a great site to see! Blanco’s form has been incredible lately and now that Zorro is back it feels like a day hasn’t passed since three years ago.

Unfortunately, we still sit a fair bit back from the top. However, what is important is that we took care of getting a positive result against a team who has always been a bit of a struggle for us. We didn’t play the best football we’ve seen all season long, but we turned things on when we needed to, took advantage of having an extra player, and made sure didn’t slip points like we did last week.

Arabatzis started in net and did well. He’s been looking quite solid in the air lately, rarely fails when he commits to the ball and I can’t complain with him at all. We needed him to be in top form seeing as Larissa came to the game with the intention of picking up some points. They created a number of decent chances, particularly in the first, which fortunately for us resulted in nothing.

I’m going to hold back on commenting much on individual players since my stream wasn’t the greatest, but I did notice a huge improvement in our play when Lagos and Kafes came on in exchange for Leonardo and Scocco. Scocco was busy upfront from what I saw, though the addition of Kafes and Lagos to the match seemed to improve our attack as a whole. Leonardo created little from what I saw, but I did miss alot so I don’t want to be too hard on the guy.

The referee was horrendous today, to the point where I was starting to feel quite outraged (well, not quite but I was certainly irritated). I can only imagine what everyone in the stadium was feeling. Unfortunately, only around 6,000 showed up for the match however as it was a very cold weekend in Athens (from the pictures I saw it looks like they received a decent amount of snow for so early in December). Hopefully we’ll see a better attendance figure at the match with Zenit, despite the late start time of 10:00 at night (well done UEFA, well done).

Also, it’s worth noting that Jimenez was kicked out of the match today and forced to watch much of it from the stands. He was off when the substitutions were made however it looked like he was still contacting his assistants on the pitch.

So, a decent performance, yet a fantastic result. Hopefully this gives us a confidence boost ahead of our critical match with Zenit!

As always, leave comments below. I would appreciate any as it is hard to watch these matches with such poor streams available!

4 Responses to “AEK 4-0 Larissa”

  1. Great result,and Dellas,Manolas and Blanco were all standouts.Apart from that,once again 1sy half was poor.It seems that too many players,especially Gentzoglou and Makos last night,were taking too many wrong options when they had the ball.Lost count how many times these 2 players(not only them) sent the ball back taking the easy option but actually putting the defence under pressure.A lack of composure is what it comes down to.You can see Jimenez on the side line telling them to “relax”on the ball,pulling his hair out almost.Players have to be able to hold the ball under pressure.It was clear to see how much more control we had when Kafes came on.He and Papa must be our 1st starters in defensive midfield when available.
    Great to see Blanco scoring at will almost.Djebbour can’t expect an eay passage back with Zorro in this kind of form.Dellas got a goal to stamp his performance.Manolas plays like a lion.Scocco was quiet but thats cool when we win and Leonardo,well,what can i say.Starting to lose faith in this boy.Maybe a swap deal with Kalfo from Aris which is on the cards,would be better for us.
    Even though we got 4 lets not get carried away.Larisa were down to 9 men practically for the last 15 min
    Its all about getting the point against Zenit now.Very confident as long as we don’t panic when we are on the ball.

  2. I agree completely, things were completely different when Kafes came one. No composure at all in front of goal before with Leo, and at times Scocco. And not only in front of goal, but whenever they had possesion really.

    It’s true though, we may have scored 4 but Larissa have been below average lately (though I can’t base on performance), and we could have played much better football if we wanted to. And Larissa had no chance when they went a man down.

  3. I hope that’s true about the attendance, hopefully people realize how important the Zenit match really is!

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